Fuzhou style crab

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Don’t ex­pect this soupy dish to ex­cite your palate like the fiery chilli or kam heong crab. It is sub­tler in flavour – all the bet­ter to ap­pre­ci­ate the nat­u­ral sweet­ness of the crab. A big, fat mud crab is sub­merged in a com­fort­ingly pep­pery and rich soup that’s been boiled with chunks of cu­cum­ber and dried shrimp. It’s hot, it’s a lit­tle bit briny and it’s im­bued with the crab’s nat­u­ral flavours. Slurp on the glass noo­dles, take a bite of the plump crab meat and let the pep­pery heat warm your tummy. Trust us, you’ll be crav­ing this ev­ery time it rains.

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