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Lit­tle Mikaela wows us

TOM Kids re­ceived a warm in­vi­ta­tion to pay a house visit to two proud par­ents and their first born in Wangsa Baiduri, Subang Jaya. Here’s an ex­cerpt of our con­ver­sa­tion with Cas­san­dra Anne Paul, Jo­van Matthew Tang and their chatty one-year old Mikaela Cathryn Tang:

Who do you think Mikaela takes af­ter more? Jo­van A lot of peo­ple have said that she looks like me. Char­ac­ter-wise, she’s a lot more like Cassie. She has a lot of her mum’s good traits. She’s a fast learner. I think she’s also a left-han­der like Cassie.

Can you tell by this age? Cas­san­dra She seems to be us­ing her left hand more. I’m def­i­nitely go­ing to be the short­est per­son in this fam­ily, so I hope at least I won’t be the only left-handed Tang! Mikaela My ball! Wooow. J That’s not a ball, dar­ling. That’s Do­rae­mon.

What is one of your daugh­ter’s cutest traits? J She’s very talk­a­tive. She started talk­ing a lot faster than most ba­bies her age. Even our doc­tor noted that her speech pat­terns are very good. M WOOOW. J You can ac­tu­ally hear her clear pro­nun­ci­a­tion. And she just started walk­ing this week! C I think the cutest thing about her are her beau­ti­ful eyes.

Does she like go­ing out or is she more of a home per­son? J She’s a very out­go­ing and so­cial baby. I think be­cause we put her in day care, she’s very used to be­ing around crowds. C We tend to go out quite a bit over the week­ends and she’s a good sport about it. She doesn’t re­ally get cranky so it’s easy to take her out. M Wooow.

That seems to be her favourite word! What else can Mikaela say? C She doesn’t say ‘mummy,’ she says ‘mimi’, but I think it’s cute so I don’t cor­rect her. She can also say ‘papa’.

Your new home is look­ing good. When did you guys buy the house? J We bought the house in July 2013. We were en­gaged for two years and spent that time look­ing for a place that we liked. C We were so happy to have found this place af­ter such a long time of look­ing, but we don’t get to spend as much time here as we’d like to. There’s work, and on week­ends we go see the grand­par­ents. I would say that this house is still a work in progress.

Why did you choose this neigh­bour­hood? C My cousin lives six houses away and my aun­tie lives on the road just be­fore ours. J We liked the lo­ca­tion and hav­ing fam­ily in the area. And the mo­ment we walked into the house, it felt right.

Good vibes. C&J Yeah!

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