Trans­gen­der chil­dren do in­deed ex­ist

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A study con­ducted by psy­chol­o­gist sci­en­tist Kristina Olson and her team at the Uni­ver­sity of Wash­ing­ton in­di­cates that the gen­der iden­tity of chil­dren is deeply held. Hav­ing wit­nessed first­hand the chal­lenges her close friend faced as a par­ent of a trans­gen­der child, Olson said, ‘Doc­tors were say­ing, “We just don’t know,” so the par­ents have to make th­ese re­ally big de­ci­sions: Should I let my kid go to school as a girl, or should I make my kid go to school as a boy? Should my child be in ther­apy to try to change what she says she is, or should she be sup­ported?’ Olson specif­i­cally fo­cused her study on trans­gen­der chil­dren aged be­tween five and 12 who were living as their iden­ti­fied gen­der. The re­sponses of trans­gen­der chil­dren to­wards var­i­ous mea­sures ex­plored were iden­ti­cal to those col­lected from two groups of non-trans­gen­der (cis­gen­der) chil­dren. Olson and her co-au­thors con­clude say­ing that while fu­ture stud­ies are needed, the ‘data re­ported in this pa­per should serve as fur­ther ev­i­dence that trans­gen­der chil­dren do in­deed ex­ist and that this iden­tity is a deeply held one.’ Source: http://www.psy­cho­log­i­ in­dex.php/news/re­leases/trans­gen­der-kids-show­con­sis­tent-gen­der-iden­tity-across-mea­sures.html

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