Overheard in the play­ground

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There’s a bone in my fish.

Dad, what are calo­ries?

‘Mum, can you see me?’ Mum replies, ‘No honey, where are you?’ Kid gig­gles.

My teacher teach me and then I for­got it.

Mum and kid look­ing at an­other fam­ily hold­ing a baby: Kid, ‘Mum, where do kids come from?’ Mum, ‘From a woman’s stom­ach’ Kid puts ear on Mum’s stom­ach and says, ‘Hello?’

Mum & Son rid­ing the swing to­gether: Son, ‘Thank god my teacher doesn’t go to the play­ground’ Mum, ‘Why?’ Son, ‘Cause then she’ll give me homework’.

While play­ing the see-saw Mum asks, ‘You like the see­saw huh?’ Kid replies, ‘Ya, it’s so fun! But mummy, why are you al­ways down?’

Two kids in a tal­ent show, singing and danc­ing to mu­sic. One kid starts danc­ing faster and when the mu­sic stops, turns to his friend ‘I won!’

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