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Bub­bly Chef Michelle Low has been bak­ing up batches of de­li­cious pastries (and some pretty im­pres­sive cakes) at The Westin Kuala Lumpur for nine years. Here, she gives us her tried-andtested recipe for blue­berry and ba­nana lol­lipop pancakes.


Serves 2 (makes 8 small pancakes)

• 1 egg, lightly beaten • 200ml milk • 12g white sugar • 6g bak­ing pow­der • 4g salt • 3ml vanilla ex­tract • 100g all pur­pose flour • 30ml veg­etable oil for cooking • 120g ba­nana (cut into 24 small pieces) • 100g blue­ber­ries


• 100g yo­ghurt • 100g maple syrup • 100g rasp­ber­ries • 8 lol­lipop sticks • 20g ic­ing sugar (to dust



1. Get the kids to help with th­ese tasks: crack the egg into a stain­less steel bowl and lightly beat with aid of a wire whisk; then add milk, sugar, bak­ing pow­der, salt and vanilla and mix well. 2. Your lit­tle ones can then grad­u­ally add the flour and com­bine well un­til a smooth pan­cake bat­ter has formed. 3. You might want to han­dle the cooking your­self. Heat the veg­etable oil in a non­stick pan and place an equal amount of pan­cake bat­ter for four pancakes of ap­prox­i­mately seven cen­time­tres in di­am­e­ter into the non-stick pan. 4. Gen­tly add six blue­ber­ries and three pieces of ba­nana into each pan­cake. 5. Flip the pancakes when they begin bub­ble and firm up on top. The bot­tom should have turned golden brown. 6. Turn the pancakes out onto a plate and let the kids care­fully in­sert a lol­lipop stick into each pan­cake. They can also pre­pare small serv­ings of yo­ghurt, berries and maple syrup to serve along­side the pan­cake pops. Get your mini-cooks to dust the fin­ished pops with ic­ing sugar – this may get messy. 7. Serve and en­joy im­me­di­ately.


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