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Calum Leah O’Hearn talks to the Piries, a funny, warm and en­er­getic Scot­tish fam­ily who lives in Bangsar, KL. Although Wayne had to work, mother Ni­cola and their two boys Liam and Calum were avail­able for a free-for-all chat. Here’s an ex­cerpt:

You were in the Mid­dle East be­fore this, how does Malaysia com­pare? Ni­cola Well, I loved it there be­cause I made some amaz­ing friends. We had a beau­ti­ful home and I had Liam there so it was quite a spe­cial time. Calum Yeah and I wasn’t born! N No, you weren’t born. [ Laughs] So it wasn’t that spe­cial.

You were a twin­kle in your fa­ther’s eye. N Ab­so­lutely! [ Calum looks at us sus­pi­ciously] But in terms of place, this is a much more vi­brant, lively, more ex­cit­ing place to live. Out­side of Doha it­self, Qatar is pretty dull. There aren’t any other cities to visit. Here, you can visit Pe­nang, Malacca, Ipoh...

What do you think about rais­ing a fam­ily in Malaysia? N I think it’s an easy place to live.

Ni­cola When I came here, I didn’t know a soul. I looked up play­groups on the in­ter­net and found Ibu. At that point they were meet­ing near Bangsar Vil­lage I. We were stay­ing in the As­cott in the mid­dle of KLCC. The first time I went, I just jumped in a taxi – no seat­belts, noth­ing. Ter­ri­ble! – with this baby and got my­self to Bangsar, which was quite a brave thing to do I sup­pose. C Who, me? N No, this one. [ Ges­tur­ing to Liam] C But Liam wasn’t a baby, he was like a year old. N Well, he was 14 months old – a lit­tle baby, he’d not been long walk­ing – and I rocked up there and the girls were just amaz­ing. I made so many lovely friends. So I started do­ing that twice a week… and med­i­cal care is great. I had Calum here. I had an amaz­ing ob­ste­tri­cian, who was just fab. The care in Doha was quite good but there was a much big­ger lan­guage bar­rier there. And I had no backup care af­ter I had Liam. I had no help at all breast­feed­ing or any­thing like that, whereas here it was won­der­ful – I had a girl who came to the house once a week for six weeks. C Oh who was that again? N [ Laughs] You were just a baby! C But I re­mem­ber who it is! I just can’t re­mem­ber what’s her name. N I can’t even re­mem­ber her name. A lovely Chi­nese girl, very thor­ough. She helped me with breast­feed­ing and weigh­ing the baby and just made me feel like I was do­ing ev­ery­thing right.

Se­ri­ously, you re­mem­ber her? C I dooo… Liam No, you don’t! You must be remembering that other one… [ The phone rings and it’s Wayne] N It’s our wed­ding an­niver­sary and Daddy’s on call so we can’t go away! That was Wayne want­ing to know if we want to check into the Man­darin Ori­en­tal. But if we could’ve gone away I’d have said ‘Let’s go to LE­GOLAND!’ L Yeah but Daddy doesn’t like

Liam theme parks very much… well not nearly as much as you. N He does! L He likes re­ally, re­ally, re­ally ex­treme roller coast­ers that no one goes on. N Re­mem­ber the one in LE­GOLAND? L Oh my god! So last time we went, we were the last ones in. And there was this re­ally nice Malaysian man, right? There was this mas­sive ride... C There were di­nosaurs and, like, LEGO peo­ple. C & L And you go up... C Into a pyra­mid tem­ple thingy… L And you shoot down and get ab­so­lutely soaked. N Good fun wasn’t it? L And we ended up do­ing that six times round be­cause the man let us. N I love how in Malaysia the peo­ple are so laid­back. That would never hap­pen in the UK – they’d be like ‘Get off! What are you do­ing? Get off!’ L Six times and he’s like ‘Oh I think maybe you should get off now.’ N We were ab­so­lutely soaked.

This is a much more vi­brant, lively, more ex­cit­ing place to live

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