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We chat with Ade­line and her two adorable sons

Carissa Mo­rais caught up with Ade­line Lim and her two sons, five-year-old Isaac and two-yearold Sa­muel at the play­ground to chat about liv­ing abroad and their favourite things.

How has moth­er­hood changed the way you see things? Ade­line Safety. My hus­band al­ways says, ‘safety first’, and he’ll give me some lec­ture about safety for the boys. Malaysia doesn’t have many safety mea­sures for kids – for ex­am­ple, play­grounds in UK have bet­ter pad­ding to with­stand the im­pact when a child falls.

I didn’t know that! So how do you man­age the chil­dren’s safety without be­ing too over­pro­tec­tive? A When they fall down and there are small cuts and bruises, it’s fine, but not when they’re fall­ing from cer­tain heights. You just need to fol­low your moth­erly in­stincts. Can I use the ex­am­ple of a pet?

Sure. A Some­times you’ll let your pet stray around, sniff here and there, pee here and there. But af­ter a while, you call them back. You let go but also have the leash on. Sa­muel Hel­looooooo!

You’ve lived in Scot­land for al­most two years and in Dubai for a year. Would you have pre­ferred rais­ing your boys over there? A These places are sim­i­lar but the net­work­ing of moth­ers is dif­fer­ent. In Scot­land, maids don’t come easy and it’s bet­ter when there’s a net­work of moth­ers. Over here, it can be quite iso­lat­ing be­cause you need trans­port and our pub­lic trans­porta­tion isn’t so great. The weather doesn’t help ei­ther – it wasn’t as hot when we were in Scot­land and you could go for long walks and not feel the heat. It was good for Isaac.

What is it like trav­el­ling overseas with young kids? Would you rec­om­mend it? A [ Laughs sheep­ishly] No! I don’t know about girls but my boys were wrig­gling the whole time dur­ing the long flights and they wanted to get off the plane. It’s quite a chal­lenge. Isaac: [ swing­ing on the mon­key bar] Mummy, carry my legs. I want to be Spi­derman. A Okay [ picks up his legs]. He uses this trick to im­press girls. I: Mummy, carry me! So, I guess his favourite su­per­hero is Spi­derman? A Yeah, he wears his un­der­wear ter­ba­lik [up­side down] over his head. His eyes will be where the legs come out. I have to wash a lot of un­der­wear ev­ery­day! If you’d like your fam­ily to be fea­tured in the next is­sue of Time Out Malaysia Kids, shoot us an email at kids@time­out­

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