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Mum and Dad­dan­swer­an­swer all your ques­tions about par­ent­ing. They may not al­ways agree but they’re al­ways full of ad­vice. If you have a ques­tion for Mum and Dad, send it to kids@time­out­

Dear Mum & Dad, Our kids are in­cred­i­bly jeal­ous of each other; one is 13 and the other is eight. Both of them are bright, gifted kids but they have very dif­fer­ent in­ter­ests. Our 13-year-old is aca­dem­i­cally minded while the younger is sporty. We try to sup­port them equally but one is al­ways up­set that we value the other’s tal­ents more. What can we do to bring har­mony to our home? Stuck in the mid­dle with two in Jo­hor.

Mum: I feel your pain. My kids are a lit­tle younger but they can be very sen­si­tive about be­ing con­sid­ered favourites. Just carry on be­ing as fair as pos­si­ble and re­as­sure them reg­u­larly that you love them both for many dif­fer­ent rea­sons but ab­so­lutely equally. It will take time, but even­tu­ally (hope­fully!), it will pass.

Dad: Yes, you need to re­as­sure them openly. You can also let each know the love you have for them is lim­it­less and un­til in­fin­ity so no one can be a favourite. That will con­fuse them long enough that you can move on to deal­ing with the next prob­lem.

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