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The Rungus are an eth­nic group of Bor­neo, liv­ing pri­mar­ily in the north­ern re­gion of Sabah and have a wealth of folk­lore. The sto­ries in this col­lec­tion are based on tra­di­tional Rungus sto­ries, told by Nu­siah Binti Alim, dur­ing a par­ent work­shop at SK Tiga Pa­pan in Ku­dat, Sabah. The sto­ries were tran­scribed and trans­lated into English by Lorinna Binti Kon­siong. Il­lus­tra­tions were done by Jainal Amamb­ing, an award-win­ning artist from Ku­dat, and An­tud Didi, a ju­nior artist who was a stu­dent at SK Tiga Pa­pan. We asked the opin­ion of some of our young read­ers and they all en­joyed these tra­di­tional tales.

Tasu to the Res­cue

A lovely story about Tasu the dog and his quest to help his fam­ily solve a prob­lem by go­ing for a long walk pass­ing through or­chards and paddy fields hop­ing to find an an­swer. Zachary, aged four, thought the story was sweet be­cause Tasu helped the fam­ily and he could re­late be­cause it re­minded him of his own pet dog.

I am Itut-Itut

Itut-Itut is a hard-work­ing farmer who dis­cov­ers that his crops are be­ing stolen. He de­cides to find the cul­prit and goes about set­ting up a trap, which brings about an un­ex­pected ad­ven­ture and a sur­pris­ing dis­cov­ery. We asked Laris­sha Ja­lene, aged seven, what she thought of the book and she said she en­joyed the story and the il­lus­tra­tions be­cause they were ex­cit­ing and funny.

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