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1 Dab sev­eral hues of green paint onto your pal­ette and use a paint­brush to mix in a bit of wa­ter. You want the paint to be nei­ther too thick nor too wa­tered down.

2 Paint one side of a peb­ble green us­ing a wide-tipped brush. Lay it on its un­painted side to dry on a sheet of news­pa­per.

3 Once the peb­ble is com­pletely dry, turn it around and paint the other side. Re­peat with the other peb­bles.

4 Use a fine-tipped paint­brush to paint white polka dots and dashes on the dry green peb­bles to rep­re­sent thorns. Leave to dry thor­oughly.

5 Fill your pot or bowl with soil or sand, de­pend­ing on what’s eas­ily avail­able.

6 Place the ‘cacti’ peb­bles in the pot so that they’re slightly sub­merged in the base.

7 Store your ter­rar­ium in­doors and show it off to guests!

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