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Tucked away in Pub­lika is Ben­bino by The BIG Group, a cosy café with a cus­tombuilt play­ground won­der­ful for fam­i­lies and kids. Here they give us a recipe for their Love Me Chicken Ten­ders. We love that these are cooked in the oven in­stead of the deep fryer. And be­sides be­ing easy to make, this healthy snack leaves min­i­mal mess in the kitchen. It’s also a tasty source of pro­tein for en­er­getic lit­tle tykes!


• 200g chicken strips • 60g corn­flakes, crushed • 60g rolled oats • 30g quinoa • 1.5 cups all-pur­pose flour • 1 egg, whisked • Salt • Black pep­per


• Oven • Bak­ing tray • Large wooden spoon • Two large bowls


1. Pre­heat the oven at 160C. 2. Let your kids get over their squeamish­ness of han­dling raw meat by show­ing them how to sea­son the chicken strips with salt and black pep­per. 3. Crush the corn­flakes in a large bowl us­ing a wooden spoon. Next, mix in the quinoa and rolled oats. 4. Ask ju­nior to crack the egg into a sep­a­rate bowl and show them the right mo­tion of light whisk­ing. 5. Toss the chicken strips in the all-pur­pose flour and shake off any ex­cess. 6. Dip the strips into the whisked egg. 7. Next, coat the strips with the corn­flakes, quinoa and rolled oats mix­ture. 8. Ar­range the coated chicken strips on a bak­ing tray and put in the fridge for about ten min­utes to al­low them to set. 9. Bake for 20 min­utes or un­til golden brown.

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