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There’s noth­ing cuter than a pack of tod­dlers decked out in eye patches, tri­corne hats, stripy trousers, tiny cut­lasses, and the oc­ca­sional par­rot doesn’t hurt. Any party with ‘yo ho ho and a bot­tle of rum’ as its tagline is a good one for all ages! Give out trea­sure map in­vi­ta­tions, hang up skull and cross­bones flags and buntings, and have a wooden chest or box filled with pi­rates’ booty, like snacks or fake (choco­late) buil­lions (get your props at Par­teeBoo, www.par­tee-boo.com).

A pi­rate-themed party can be held in­doors or out­side and depend­ing on where you are, there are some re­ally fun games for the kids, like walk­ing the plank (a wooden plank sup­ported by two blocks), dig­ging for trea­sure in a sand­pit (or you fill a large basin with sand and hide small gifts) and the can­non­ball toss (fill black bal­loons with wa­ter and hit a tar­get). An easy way to dec­o­rate food would be to cre­ate pi­rate ship sails, threaded through tooth­picks or longer bam­boo sticks and put them through fin­ger food like hot­dogs, ‘seaweed’ dip (any green dip) and even blue jelly shots (non­al­co­holic of course) to sig­nify the ocean. Party favours Gold coin choco­lates, pi­rate-themed tat­toos, toy par­rots

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