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Betty Crocker (RM7.41) The only bak­ing mix of the three to come in a plas­tic en­ve­lope in­stead of a box, Betty Crocker’s pack­ag­ing looks com­par­a­tively cheaper and less classy. Then again, it’s half the price of the other two brands.

Home bak­ers are fore­warned: ‘Im­i­ta­tion blue­ber­ries, ar­ti­fi­cially flavoured’. We dread to imag­ine what man­ner of cloned fruit has in­fil­trated the mar­ket. Each muffin con­tains ap­prox­i­mately 120 calo­ries.

We only had to add wa­ter to Betty Crocker’s muffin mix and stir it all up be­fore scoop­ing the bat­ter into a lined muffin tray and pop­ping the lot into the oven. Each packet pro­duces six muffins.

The bat­ter failed to rise by much, re­sult­ing in flat-top muffins. A sin­gle bite drew baf­fled ex­pres­sions all around. The im­i­ta­tion blue­ber­ries car­ried an un­pleas­ant tinge of bit­ter­ness that’s al­most in­sult­ing to real blue­ber­ries. The im­age of two gi­gan­tic muffins plus the slo­gan ‘Supreme Muffin Mix’ gives us high hopes for de­li­cious things to come. Fat-free with a melange of nat­u­ral and ar­ti­fi­cial flavours. Each muffin con­tains 120 calo­ries. The pro­vided can of blue­ber­ries might prove chal­leng­ing for a child to open with­out parental su­per­vi­sion. Sim­ply add wa­ter to the bat­ter and blue­ber­ries. Each box pro­duces twelve muffins.

Iden­ti­cal to Betty Crocker’s muffins at first glance but a world of dif­fer­ence when it comes down to taste. Th­ese had just the right chew and level of sweet­ness. The only per­plex­ing prob­lem was the dif­fi­culty of re­mov­ing them from the pa­per muffin cups. Use non-stick bak­ing spray if buy­ing this brand.

If only th­ese muffins weren’t so stub­born about leav­ing their cas­ing... They would oth­er­wise be the blue­berry muffins of our dreams. Our only gluten-free op­tion de­picts a bowl­ful of fresh blue­ber­ries, blue­berry muffins with a dust­ing of pow­dered sugar and a farm land­scape, pre­sum­ably shot in New Zealand where the brand was born.

Po­tato, tapi­oca and rice starches stand in for wheat flour, thus mak­ing this a safe op­tion for gluten-in­tol­er­ant fam­i­lies. Each muffin con­tains about 130 calo­ries.

Farm­ers Mill’s mix calls for a slew of ex­tra in­gre­di­ents (wa­ter, oil, eggs and fresh blue­ber­ries), but we like to think that most re­spon­si­ble adults should al­ready have th­ese in­gre­di­ents in their pantry. Each box pro­duces twelve muffins.

Th­ese pretty muffins with rounded tops tasted even bet­ter than they looked, but had the airi­ness of a cupcake rather than the dense­ness of a muffin. A lit­tle more work to pre­pare, but de­li­cious enough to de­bunk the myth that gluten-free goods are in­fe­rior.

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