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Time Out Malaysia Kids - - Time In -

Tie aprons on ju­nior and your­self to pro­tect your clothes.

Pre­pare the pa­per mâché paste** and strips of crépe pa­per*.

Cut up sheets of old news­pa­per into strips ap­prox­i­mately three by ten cen­time­tres long.

Blow up the bal­loon and knot the end.

Dip the news­pa­per strips in the pa­per mâché paste and paste them all over the bal­loon, cov­er­ing it and leav­ing just the knot un­cov­ered. Let the first layer dry be­fore re­peat­ing Paste a piece of tape over the open­ing and turn the bal­loon up­side down. Use a sharp pair of scis­sors to cre­ate two small in­ci­sions at the top and thread a long piece of wool through.

Glue a red pom­pom on the top of the piñata.

Ap­ply glue to the edges of the party hat and at­tach it to the bot­tom of the piñata. Par­tic­i­pants are blind­folded, spun around three times and given three turns to hit the piñata with a bat. When struck, the piñata should break open, show­er­ing ev­ery­one with candy.

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