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Nik Ra­nia talks about her sib­lings and her favourite things to do

Do you pre­fer go­ing to school or stay­ing home? Do Go­ingWhen Go­ing you you’reto to pre­fer school school there, go­ing be­cause be­cause­what’sto school yourall all or my my favourites­tay­ing friends friends home?gameare are to there. When you’re there, what’s your favourite game to play with your friends? with­Try not your to friends?laugh. Try not to laugh. That’s a game right? Sounds in­ter­est­ing, what’s it like? That’sYou havea ga­meto try right?not to Sounds laugh! in­ter­est­ing, what’s it like? You have to try not to laugh! What would you do if there was no TV or iPad to watch? What Jump woul­don the you tram­po­linedo if there with­was no SofieTV or [her iPad lit­tleto watch? sis­ter]! Jump on the tram­po­line with Sofie [her lit­tle sis­ter]! If If you you could could be be a a grown-up grown-up for for a a day, day, what what would would you you do? do? I I would would stay stay at at home home and and play play with with my my kids. kids. What What do do you you love love most most about about your your brother brother and and sis­ter? sis­ter?

I I don’t don’t love love my my brother... brother... but but I I love love my my sis­ter sis­ter be­cause be­cause she’s she’s cute cute and and funny! funny! Why Why don’t don’t you you like like him? him?

I I don’t don’t like like him him be­cause be­cause he he doesn’t doesn’t let let me me go go into into his his room room when when he he has has his his friends friends over. over. If If you you could could go go on on hol­i­day hol­i­day right right now, now, where where would would you you go go and and why? why? I’d go to Perth be­cause I want to see my friends there; but I ac­tu­ally pre­fer to stay at home. Time Time Out Out Malaysia Malaysia Kids Kids Fe­bru­ary Fe­bru­ary - - April April 2017 2017 Be­fore we go, could you tell us a joke? Knock, knock. Who’s there? Is­abelle. Is­abelle who? Is a bell nec­es­sary on a bi­cy­cle?

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