Time In (for kids!)

Turn plain old eggshells into cute DIY can­dles to dec­o­rate your home in time for Easter. By Sammi Lim. Pho­tog­ra­phy Bryan Ong

Time Out Malaysia Kids - - Contents -

Adorable craft just in time for Easter


• Card­board car­ton of eggs • But­ter knife • Acrylic paints and pal­ette • Paint brushes • Cup of wa­ter • Block of wax (avail­able in craft shops) • Sev­eral ce­ramic or glass bowls • String • Scis­sors • Spoon • Old news­pa­pers • Op­tional dec­o­ra­tions: Sal­vaged cake top­pers or small toys


1 Empty the card­board car­ton and set the eggs aside in a bowl. 2 Scoop a tooth­paste-sized dab of paint onto a pal­ette and mix with wa­ter so you get a smooth but not runny mix­ture. Paint the car­ton, and leave to dry on a sheet of old news­pa­per. 3 Gen­tly tap the pointed top of an egg with a but­ter knife un­til you get a small crack. Use the tip of the knife and your fingers to gen­tly peel bits of eggshell off, cre­at­ing a medium-sized hole. Pour the egg into an­other bowl and save for cook­ing. Re­peat with as many eggs as you want. 4 Gen­tly rinse the empty eggshells un­der slow run­ning wa­ter and leave to dry. Once dry you can choose to paint the eggshells as you wish – like with stripes or polka dots. 5 Place the wax in a mi­crowavesafe bowl and heat it in in­ter­vals of two min­utes. Keep check­ing to see if the wax has com­pletely melted. Be care­ful when re­mov­ing the hot bowl from the mi­crowave. 6 Pre­pare your can­dle wicks: trim off two-inch pieces of string, dip them in the melted max and leave to dry. Pre­pare a wick for every eggshell. 7 Us­ing a spoon, scoop the melted wax into each eggshell. 8 When the wax is semi solid, in­sert a wick in the cen­tre of each ‘can­dle’.


The melt­ing wax might have a strong smell, so re­mem­ber to open your win­dows to air your house.

9 Place the DIY can­dles in the painted car­ton and dec­o­rate with small toys or other cute ac­ces­sories.

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