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Over­heard in the play­ground and news for par­ents

The most ridicu­lous things we’ve over­heard in the play­ground Eight-year-old stuck in a traf­fic jam: Mummy, I know what to get you for your next birth­day! Mum: What? Eight-year-old: Adult toys! They have toys for adults! I just read a sign on the traf­fic light… what are adult toys? Ten-year-old ( look­ing at the McDon­ald’s menu): It’s like a dou­ble Big Mac… but kind of triple. Seven-year-old after call­ing an aun­tie by the wrong name: I get so con­fused with so many ladies! 14-year-old: I’m too lazy to say ‘ewwwww’ so it’s just ‘eh’. Adult: Why do you like Honey Stars? Three-year-old: Darth Vader eats Honey Stars.

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