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• Al­ways try and book di­rects flights. It may cost more, but when you fac­tor in lay­over time and how tired the kids will be wait­ing for con­nect­ing flights, it’s a small price to pay. Con­firm seat­ing in ad­vance or you may end up sit­ting sep­a­rately, which could be a good thing but ir­re­spon­si­ble par­ent­ing.

• Don’t for­get to order kids’ meals in ad­vance and make sure to pack enough for­mula, baby food and healthy snacks (less sugar and salt) to last the flight and then some.

• Bring practical lug­gage for both check­ing in and carry on. It’s not about look­ing cool any­more but hav­ing a hand lug­gage that you can carry eas­ily while hold­ing a child’s hand or hav­ing an in­fant strapped to you will be in­fin­itely help­ful. Plus it should have enough com­part­ments and space to hold ev­ery­thing from wet wipes to your mini first aid kit and ev­ery­thing in be­tween.

• Board last for ob­vi­ous rea­sons; mainly that the least time the kids are en­sconced in a con­fined space, the bet­ter.

• Be pre­pared to deal with the ef­fect fly­ing has on young ears. One of the main rea­sons ba­bies and tod­dlers cry on planes is due to pres­sure build­ing up and their in­abil­ity to ‘pop’ their ears. For ba­bies, breast­feed or put them on the bot­tle dur­ing take- off and land­ing. As they get older a lol­ly­pop or gummy sweet also helps. Don’t be shy to ask for help from air­line staff – they al­ways have a trick or two to re­lieve the pres­sure.

• Apol­o­gise if your kid cries a lot, has a tantrum or runs around. There’s al­ways that one pas­sen­ger who doesn’t ap­pre­ci­ate kids and there’s noth­ing worse than the par­ent who doesn’t seem to care that their tod­dler is kick­ing the seat or ly­ing on the floor wail­ing.

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