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We speak to Yas­min Hani Richard­son about what makes a good pair of shoes

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YAS­MIN HANI RICHARD­SON leads a very busy life in­deed. Be­sides be­ing an ac­tress, TV host and celebpreneur owner of Hip­popo Baby Spa & Well­ness and Sweet­cuts Asia (that’s al­ready a mouth­ful), she is also a mum. Her first son Noah was born in Novem­ber 2013, and her sec­ond boy just ar­rived in De­cem­ber 2016. But even with two young chil­dren, she doesn’t stop. Be­sides her day job, Yas­min also cur­rently hosts a YouTube web se­ries ti­tled ‘Mothers I Love Learn­ing From’ with Sazzy Falak.

As busy as she is, Yas­min al­ways makes time to spend with her fam­ily. And the close bond the fam­ily shares is ev­i­dent in her In­sta­gram (@yas­min­hani) photos, and even Noah’s (yes, he has an In­sta­gram ac­count, and he’s fol­lowed by a whop­ping 113,000 peo­ple at the time of print; @noahis­mail­wong).

The ac­tive three-year-old has been at­tend­ing school since he was just one year old, and is an in­tel­li­gent lit­tle boy who loves cars. When­ever cars and lor­ries pass by, he gets ex­cited and shouts out the brand, and he is rarely ever wrong ac­cord­ing to his mum (he can even pro­nounce ‘Peu­geot’ cor­rectly!).

With their busy lives as lo­cal celebri­ties, Yas­min is al­ways on the look­out for com­fort­able ap­parel for her­self and es­pe­cially Noah, shoes in par­tic­u­lar as the fam­ily is al­ways on the go. We speak to Yas­min to find out what she looks for in a pair of shoes.

Tell us about your life­style. What goes on in a reg­u­lar week in the life of Yas­min Hani?

Quite hec­tic, I must say, ever since my sec­ond son was born. Let me tell you about a reg­u­lar day in­stead – a reg­u­lar day will usu­ally con­sist of me send­ing Noah to school, a quick run to su­per­mar­ket, come home and cook, run­ning er­rands, and swim­ming and play­ing with the kids. And that’s on a free day! Oth­er­wise I’d be work­ing.

What do you do as a fam­ily for fun? Do you guys go out a lot dur­ing the week­ends?

We love go­ing to the mall where there’s a gym for mummy and daddy, and also play gym for Noah. Some­times, we watch movies, go swim­ming, or visit with cousins or our par­ents! We do ex­plore new places for new ac­tiv­i­ties.

Tell us about Noah. Is he ac­tive? What does he like to do?

Yes, he’s def­i­nitely an ac­tive boy, su­per ac­tive; some­times, that’s even an un­der­state­ment! He has a very happy per­son­al­ity, very out­go­ing and ad­ven­tur­ous. He loves do­ing stunts, run­ning, crawl­ing, climb­ing, skip­ping – ev­ery­thing you can think of. An­other thing he loves to do is jump up and down, and then fall down on his own (he’ll pick him­self back up af­ter of course).

He does sound like a hand­ful. And with all that run­ning around, we’re sure a good pair of shoes is in order. As a mum, how im­por­tant is a good pair of shoes for a grow­ing child? And how would you know if the shoe is com­fort­able for them?

Very im­por­tant! You don’t want your child to be scream­ing, get­ting cranky and stop­ping ev­ery few steps and com­plain­ing do you? I would know if he’s com­fort­able when he can do any­thing and ev­ery­thing with­out a fuss. And the best in­di­ca­tor is even af­ter a whole day in them, there are no red marks on his feet.

When buy­ing a pair of shoes, is de­sign or com­fort more im­por­tant? Is there any spe­cific fea­ture you look for?

Com­fort num­ber one, dura­bil­ity (be­cause this lit­tle boy can re­ally re­ally put the shoes to the test) and, of course, de­sign. Those should come hand in hand. As a tod­dler, they jump, kick, run, crawl and do al­most ev­ery­thing in their shoes. It has to be breath­able too.

How of­ten do you buy shoes for Noah? Does he go through them very fast?

Quite of­ten, ev­ery six months at least; he goes through them very fast. I some­times can get a bit up­set when­ever he grows out of a pair be­cause the shoes are still usu­ally in very good con­di­tion. So I usu­ally just wash and keep them or do­nate.

Ideally, how long do you think a good pair of shoes should last for kids?

As long as they can still fit in it or even longer so it can be passed down to other sib­lings.

When choos­ing shoes, does Noah know ex­actly what he wants or does he still lis­ten to your ad­vice?

Noah just needs some­thing that’s com­fort­able, and he knows which shoes are and which shoes aren’t, be­cause ev­ery day he’ll choose to wear the same pair. I had to teach him that he should wear dif­fer­ent shoes for dif­fer­ent oc­ca­sions, but he usu­ally just sticks to one pair be­cause it’s re­ally com­fort­able.

He knows which shoes he likes but doesn’t know what makes it his favourite. I as­sume it’s the com­fort and dura­bil­ity, be­sides the de­sign.

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