Time In (for kids!)

We don’t get any snow in Malaysia, but you don’t need any to make this snow­man! Text and images by June See

Time Out Malaysia Kids - - Contents -

How you can make a snow­man right here in the trop­ics

1 Cre­ate a makeshift fun­nel with a scrap piece of pa­per and tape to se­cure. Then take the rice and fill the sock un­til it’s about 2/3 full.

2 Pack the rice down and tie off the sock with a rub­ber band to pre­vent the rice from fall­ing out. You should be able to mould two vague cir­cle shapes (one larger than the other).

3 Take the sec­ond rub­ber band and tie it about 1/3 of the way down,

sep­a­rat­ing the head and body of the snow­man.

4 With the help of an adult, use the glue gun to glue on the but­tons.

5 Take a black marker and draw on the eyes, and then the smile.

6 Roll the pom pom un­til it be­comes the shape of a small cone, and glue it in the middle of the snow­man’s face.

7 Tie the rib­bon around the snow­man’s neck to make a scarf and glue down the sides of the rib­bon to se­cure.

8 Ask an adult to help trim the top off the sock.

9 With the help of an adult, cut the coloured sock just be­fore the start of the heel. Fold the edge over to make a small beanie.

10 Put the beanie on the snow­man. You’re done!

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