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Ais ka­cang Shaved ice with red beans, cen­dol, cream corn, jelly, peanuts topped with syrup

Apom Small pan­cakes

As­sam laksa Rice noo­dles in a fish and ta­marind based soup

As­sam pedas Sour and spicy sauce in Ny­onya dishes, usu­ally with fish and prawns

Ayam pongteh Ny­onya chicken and potato stew


Bak chang Gluti­nous rice with meat and other condi­ments wrapped in bam­boo leaves

Bak kee th’ng Deep-fried pork with cab­bage in a thick gravy

Bak kua Dried meat

Bak moi Meat rice por­ridge

Ban chang kueh Pan­cake with peanuts, sugar and corn

Bee koh moi Black gluti­nous rice dessert with co­conut milk


Cen­dol Dessert com­pris­ing green bean noo­dles with co­conut milk, gula Me­laka and shaved ice

Chai buey Soup made with left­over meat and spicy sour mus­tard greens

Cha­p­ati Un­leav­ened In­dian flat­bread

Char kuey kak Fried radish cake

Char kuey teow Fried flat rice noo­dles with prawns, cock­les, bean sprouts, egg, Chi­nese sausage and soy sauce

Char tang hoon Fried glass noo­dles

Chee cheong fun Rice noo­dle rolls with prawn paste and sweet sauce

Curry Kap­i­tan Ny­onya chicken curry


Gu­lai tu­mis Ta­marind-based gravy

Gula Me­laka Palm sugar


Heang piah Flaky pas­try bis­cuit with a sticky, sweet fill­ing

Hae ko Prawn paste

Hokkien char Noo­dles wok­fried with prawns, pork in a dark gravy

Hokkien prawn mee Noo­dles in a spicy prawn and pork soup


Inchi kabin Ny­onya deep­fried chicken


Jiu hoo char Stir-fried juli­enned car­rots and yam beans with cut­tle­fish, eaten with let­tuce


Kaya A spread made with co­conut, eggs and sugar

Ker­abu Malay salad made with veg­eta­bles/fruit and herbs

Koay chiap Rice noo­dles in a duck broth

Kuey teow th’ng Flat rice noo­dles in a clear soup


Lap cheong Chi­nese sausage Lor bak Five-spice pork roll Lor mee Noo­dles in a starchy pork-based gravy


Mee goreng Fried noo­dles Murtabak Flat­bread filled with a curry meat mix­ture


Nasi le­mak Co­conut rice with an­chovies, egg, cu­cum­ber and sam­bal

Nasi ulam Malay mixed herb rice

Ngiu chap Beef stir fry


Oh chien Oys­ter omelette Otak otak Grilled fish cake


Pasem­bur Salad with shred­ded cu­cum­ber and turnip, tofu, egg, prawn frit­ter with a spicy nut sauce

Pai tee Crispy pas­try shell filled with shred­ded veg­eta­bles and dried shrimp Puri Un­leav­ened In­dian deep­fried bread


Ro­jak Salad with fresh fruit and vegetable with a prawn paste sauce

Roti canai In­dian-influenced flat­bread

Roti jala A Malay pan­cake which looks like a net, served with chicken curry

Roti kah­win Toast with but­ter and kaya


Sam­bal bela­can Chili sauce made with prawn paste

Sengkuang Type of vegetable, also known as ji­cama or yam bean

Sup gear­box Soup made from cow bones, onions and spices

Sup tor­pedo Bull’s pe­nis soup


Tau sar piah Mung bean bis­cuit

Teh tarik Lit­er­ally ‘pulled tea’ made with condensed milk Tong sui A sweet Chi­nese dessert


Vadai A com­mon term for In­dian fried snacks


You tiao Deep-fried dough, also called cruller

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