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If there’s one thing bet­ter than look­ing at the sky through the May­bach’s Magic Sky Con­trol fea­ture, it’s to look at it with noth­ing sep­a­rat­ing the top of your scalp from the ends of the uni­verse. This brings us to the queen bee of Mercedes-Benz’s wide range of con­vert­ibles, the S560 Cabri­o­let.

With two doors and the al­lure of top-down driv­ing, the S560’s per­for­mance cre­den­tials are more rel­e­vant here than in the pas­sen­ger-ori­ented May­bach. We did not get be­hind the wheel of this re­gal soft-top cruiser due to time con­straints on our road trip from Kuala Lumpur to Kuan­tan and back. But 469bhp and 700Nm of twist com­ing from a near AMG-spec en­gine, eight cylin­ders and two tur­bos in­cluded, seems more than enough for a car clearly more cul­tured than, say, an E63 in its styling and dy­namic setup.

This is still an S-Class in essence. So it’s not sur­pris­ing to see fea­tures like Air­matic and En­er­giz­ing Com­fort Con­trol car­ried over from Stuttgart’s other li­mousines to up­hold S-Class lev­els of re­fine­ment in the Cabri­o­let’s ride.

In aes­thet­ics, Mercedes-Benz gives spe­cial men­tion to the Cabri­o­let’s light­ing, which is pos­si­bly its most in­di­vid­ual char­ac­ter­is­tics at a glance, es­pe­cially when parked along­side its equally grand peers. At the fr ont, Swarovski crys­tals are em­bed­ded into the head­lamps for that ex­tra shim­mer while each tail light now houses 66 ‘f loat­ing’ OLEDs (or­ganic light emit­ting diodes) to give the S560

Cabri­o­let a unique light sig­na­ture once the sun sets.

At the end of the day, our trop­i­cal weather and the Cabri­o­let’s May­bach-match­ing price tag point to­wards this model sell­ing the least, as far as the Dream Cars range is con­cerned. Which brings us to the op­po­site end of the spec­trum…

S Cabri­o­let doesn’t lookvery big un­til you get within touch­ing dis­tance

Burmester speak­ers rest above the re­tractable soft topA sportier vari­a­tion of the W222’s dash­board,which is lovely

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