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T2 Mo­tor­sports has just ac­quired a new weapon, the Fer­rari 488 GT3 and looks set to tackle the likes of en­durance races across the globe

488. With­out any road-le­gal re­straints, the 488 GT3 car packs a straight-through ex­haust sys­tem for a full-bod­ied V8 chat. Also, the GT3 vari­ant gets a sin­tered clutch, a six-speed elec­tro-hy­draulic gear-shifted se­quen­tial gear­box (in transver­sally-mounted con­fig­u­ra­tion) that can be op­er­ated by flappy pad­dles on the steer­ing wheel. Other me­chan­i­cal bits in­clude a mag­ne­sium gear­box case with an in­te­grated oil tank for the pur­pose of sus­tain­ing un­der heavy lat­eral G-loads, as well as a pre-loaded ad­justable dif­fer­en­tial for vary­ing lev­els of trac­tion, as per the team’s setup.

It also gets a fully stripped in­te­rior, de­void of any stan­dard lux­ury on the typ­i­cal road-go­ing 488, car­bon-fi­bre in­te­rior fin­ish and a plethora of switches and but­tons and a sin­gle OMP full-bucket seat for race-use. Go­ing fur­ther, it gets a Bosch MS6.4 ECU with anti-knock con­trol and trac­tion con­trol, along with en­gine map­ping re­fined for RON98 fuel, with an ex­ter­nal fuelling ports on each side.

There are how­ever, some re­stric­tions for usage in mo­tor­sports. Mak­ing it stick on the le­gal side of stand­ing reg­u­la­tions by the FIA for the GT3 cat­e­gory, the 488 GT3, like its com­peti­tors, is lim­ited to 600bhp. This is achieved by usage of spe­cific air re­stric­tors. Oth­er­wise, the 488 GT3 weighs in at 1225kg, within FIA GT3 reg­u­la­tions.

That said, the 488 GT3 is still a very fast ma­chine with loads of down­force, thanks to its neatly as­sem­bled flat pan­els un­der­neath, aero­dy­namic front fa­cade and rear dif­fuser to help hun­ker down the Fer­rari at high speeds. To add more down­force, a Gt3-type wing is stan­dard to im­prove rear trac­tion when putting the ham­mer down at ex­its. 5-way ad­justable dampers also pro­vide vary­ing de­grees of foot­work setup for dif­fer­ent cir­cuit lay­outs.

This par­tic­u­lar 488 GT3 will be fielded by T2 Mo­tor­sports, a newly-funded Asian rac­ing team that will be par­tic­i­pat­ing in var­i­ous en­durance races, such as the Asian Le Mans Series, Blanc­pain GT Series Asian Cup, the Gulf 12 Hours and its first task, the Sepang 12 Hours en­durance race in Sepang, Malaysia. Its driv­ers in­clude Gre­gory Teo and David Tjip­to­biantoro, both reg­u­lars in var­i­ous cup races. They will also be joined by two more driv­ers, Head Coach for Fer­rari Chal­lenge Asia Pa­cific Chris­tian Colombo and Korean actor Jeong Hoon Yeon.

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