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Sell­ing his car has proven to be quite the headache for Ben, with plenty of silli­ness to deal with

s you’ll know by now from my col­umn last month, and in this month’s Let’s Talk, I am sell­ing my car. Well, at the time of writ­ing, the car is still with me, hav­ing been on the mar­ket for about a month now.

I de­cided to sell the car my­self rather than go through a dealer, with the rea­son be­ing that I could prob­a­bly get a bet­ter price for my car that way, rather than be­ing un­der­cut by greedy used car deal­ers look­ing to make a quick profit. Ap­par­ently though, go­ing the DIY route brings about its fair share of trou­bles and an­noy­ances, and it seems that it’s not quite as easy as I’d thought.

In the month or so since I’ve listed my car, I’ve re­ceived nu­mer­ous en­quiries about it. Some were se­ri­ous, but many felt like they were pulling my leg, with their ridicu­lous ques­tions and ab­surd replies. Just for your amuse­ment, let me share some of these ex­pe­ri­ences with you guys in my col­umn this month.

AGuy #1

It started out with a stan­dard re­quest. “Is it still avail­able? Can I ar­range to view?” And then he asked:

“This car has had 6 own­ers. Any par­tic­u­lar rea­son?”

Er, I don’t know, maybe be­cause it’s 15 years old? I don’t have the en­tire en­cy­clopaedic his­tory of this car, I don’t know who’s had it or where it’s been be­fore I came to own it. If each owner had the car for about 2 to 3 years at a time (not un­usual), then 6 own­ers would be about right for a car of my age. Do the sums man.

Guy #2

I’d have to say, I think my ad is ac­tu­ally quite de­tailed with all the rel­e­vant and im­por­tant stuff listed. Every­thing you need to know is on there, in­clud­ing the fact that its COE is valid till May 2019 (in big text no less). It is also stated that it has had 6 own­ers (as Guy #1 has no­ticed) and done 310,000km in mileage. And yet I still get jok­ers like Guy #2 who ask:

“The COE till when? Which month and year? Mileage and how many own­ers?”

Fa­cepalm. And then once given the an­swers, he went silent for a while. I fol­lowed up with him about a week later to check if he was still in­ter­ested, and his an­swer was a curt, “No”. Thanks for noth­ing mate. Learn to read next time.

Guy #3

Like Guy #2, this fel­low has a prob­lem with his read­ing and com­pre­hen­sion, for he asked: “COE valid till De­cem­ber?” No Sir. As it states in big bright red let­ters, COE is valid un­til May 2019. My road tax is valid un­til De­cem­ber. Maybe he got that mixed up. And then, like Guy #2 as well, si­lence. An­other fol­low up yielded this re­ply:

“I’m sorry, very busy. Can’t find the mo­ti­va­tion to get it now. Haha.” Make what of that you will. Then there are those who’ve called to ar­ranged a time to view the car, and then ended up be­ing no shows. Be­ing a di­rect seller means that I have to

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