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Power Up

Glutes bridges and other ‘ac­ti­va­tion’ ex­er­cises are fan­tas­tic for get­ting your glu­teus max­imus mus­cles to en­gage more ef­fec­tively. Re­searchers from the Waikato In­sti­tute of Tech­nol­ogy, New Zealand found that cy­clists who did spe­cific drills to build glute strength im­proved their 1km power by 8.7 per cent. There are drills rid­ers can do to tar­get the power mus­cles such as gym­based moves like dead­lifts, squats, mul­ti­plane lunges, plus glute boost­ers you should do daily, es­pe­cially be­fore a ride.

Build Bridges

To per­form glutes bridges lie on your back with your legs bent and your feet flat on the floor. Push your hips up as high as pos­si­ble, squeez­ing your bum cheeks to­gether as much as you can at the top. Slowly con­trol back down to the floor and re­peat for sets of 10-15. To ad­vance this do bar­bell hip thrusts, but you’ll need ac­cess to free weights (bar­bell). As­sume the same po­si­tion­ing and movement as the glutes bridges, only this time you’re adding a bar­bell across the hips for added re­sis­tance.

Go Plyo’

Ply­o­met­ric train­ing in­volves ex­plo­sive, often jump­ing-based move­ments. These in­clude box jumps – squat with arms ex­tended for­ward and your rear end pushed back, then swing your arms for mo­men­tum and jump off the ground onto a step or sta­ble box. For ‘ice skaters’, stand on one leg then hop from side to side, switch­ing legs as if you were hop­ping over a pud­dle or speed skat­ing (swing your arms, touch­ing the op­po­site arm to the op­po­site stand­ing leg). These are great ways to in­crease strength and power. glad­i­a­tor – Glu­teus Max­imus Merid­ius...

Spe­cial­ist fit­ness trainer Matt Roots (mat­t­ shares his ad­vice on de­vel­op­ing glute strength, in and out of the sad­dle, to boost your power

Sin­gle Life

One-legged move­ments are great for mo­bil­ity and restor­ing mus­cle bal­ance. Sin­gle-leg dead­lifts are fan­tas­tic for tar­get­ing glutes and ham­strings. Hold a dumb­bell in each hand, down in front of your up­per thighs with arms straight. Lower the dumb­bells to the floor while rais­ing the left leg be­hind you. Keep your hip and knee (lifted leg) ex­tended. Once you feel a stretch re­turn to the start po­si­tion, switch legs and re­peat. Sin­gle leg­work of­fers the chance to high­light im­bal­ances and, as a re­sult, work on cor­rect­ing them.

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