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Core train­ing is cru­cial to per­for­mance in­sists Jo Mcrae, trainer and au­thor of Ride­strong:

Get On The Ball

These ex­er­cises tar­get mus­cles that are weak­ened by the cy­cling po­si­tion. A cru­cial piece of kit is a Swiss ball, which helps stim­u­late your core to be­come ac­tive be­cause of its in­her­ent in­sta­bil­ity. It makes de­mands on core mus­cles be­fore the drills be­gin. Use it for core­tar­get­ing ex­er­cises such as hip ex­ten­sions, which are great for strength­en­ing glutes and back.

Build An Ex­ten­sion

For hip ex­ten­sions, lie on the floor with your legs on the ball and your arms out­stretched at your sides, level with your shoul­ders. Push down with your legs and lift your hips and chest as high as you can, draw­ing your navel in as you move, and squeez­ing your glutes at the top of the move­ment. Hold the top po­si­tion for five sec­onds be­fore re­turn­ing your hips to the floor.

Face The Floor

A floor move to strengthen weak ar­eas of the back and hips is the prone co­bra. Lie flat on your front, head turned to one side, arch your arms at your side, with thumbs point­ing away from you. Lift your up­per back off the floor, turn­ing your thumbs back­wards as you move. Squeeze your shoul­der blades to­gether, stretch the front of your chest and keep your neck long.

Raise A Co­bra

A Swiss ball vari­a­tion on the prone co­bra helps pos­tural strength. Ly­ing over the ball with it be­neath your hips and your feet against a wall – a lit­tle wider than hip width apart - raise your body into the prone co­bra po­si­tion, ex­tend­ing the back, turn­ing your arms back­wards and en­gag­ing your glutes. Hold for 20 sec­onds then re­lax. Do this three times per set for two to three sets.

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