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Neil Hol­man re­veals how to spruce up your sprockets

Clean­ing your cas­sette is es­sen­tial main­te­nance that needn’t be a chore

Lay Down The Law

Start by man­u­ally pick­ing away hard mud, grass, gunk and clumps of grease. Re­move the cas­sette body from the wheel if pos­si­ble. You’ll need to use a strong de­greaser so you don’t want it work­ing its way into the free­hub bear­ings. Have a cou­ple of sheets of old news­pa­per or a large old cloth handy to care­fully lay out the sprockets, lock­ring and spac­ers in order from left to right.

De­grease Is The Word

In a well-ven­ti­lated area place a very strong de­greaser in a plas­tic tub, fol­low­ing the de­greaser di­rec­tions. Place each sep­a­rate sprocket in­di­vid­u­ally into the tub to give it a de­cent clean. If you have a cas­sette clus­ter that’s riv­eted to­gether and there is a lot of crud en­crusted in be­tween the sprockets, use a cas­sette crud claw or even a thin, old screw­driver to chisel the worst of it out be­fore you give the cas­sette its de­greas­ing bath.

Bris­tle Fashion

Fill a sec­ond tub with hot water and wash­ing up liq­uid. Us­ing a hard bris­tle brush or an old tooth­brush give the sprockets a good scrub. Once thor­oughly cleaned, use an old cloth to dry off the sprockets and spac­ers. Once that’s done re­fit them in the op­po­site order - from right to left - and torque the lock­ring to the rec­om­mended set­ting. It’s a lit­tle bit of ef­fort to help pro­long the life of one of your bike’s vi­tal com­po­nents.

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