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Find out Thachayani Ravichan­thi­ran’s trick to los­ing 41kg.

For Thacha, the tough­est part about be­ing over­weight was how oth­ers de­fined her by her ap­pear­ance. “I was tired of be­ing obese and un­healthy, and be­ing called fat and ugly,” she adds. She de­cided to start her jour­ney in De­cem­ber 2014, but quickly be­came de­mo­ti­vated due to stress from a tough work­ing en­vi­ron­ment. A year passed and she started to re­alise that she fell ill more of­ten, her blood pres­sure had in­creased and her joints ached. “Be­ing around sick peo­ple in the clinic made me re­alise that I was look­ing at my fu­ture, and that was my turn­ing point,” she re­calls. “I didn’t want to end up that way.”

It was also around this time that she was ap­pointed as an am­bas­sador for sports events in her of­fice, which made her think: “Peo­ple be­lieve in me. I must be healthy to keep up my end of the bar­gain so I started jog­ging again (6km on the week­ends). This time, I didn’t give up and lost 10kg in three months.” Later that same year, the 26-year-old started at­tend­ing Zumba classes. She also cut her meal por­tions, which saw her shed over 4kg, and that, in turn, mo­ti­vated her to lose even more.

The Change

Last De­cem­ber, she be­came a mem­ber of Celebrity Fit­ness. “I fell in love with fit­ness there, and it’s my cur­rent ad­dic­tion,” she says. “I work out at least two hours a day with the help of Christoph Ng Kai Yu, the best per­sonal trainer I could ever ask for. I learned the proper way of us­ing gym equip­ment and tech­niques in each com­pound ex­er­cise. He helped me sort out which ex­er­cises are suit­able for my phys­i­cal con­di­tion. I’m very grate­ful to him.”

The Life­style

Ear­lier this year, Thacha joined the Fit for Life com­pe­ti­tion or­gan­ised by Celebrity Fit­ness. “It was three months of hard work. I joined many classes from Body Com­bat and Body Pump to Zumba, and fol­lowed a strict diet. I man­aged to lose up to 83kg,” she adds.

She may have been one of the com­pe­ti­tion win­ners, but that doesn’t mean her quest is over. “My work­out has be­come my daily booster. There’s still a long way to go be­fore I achieve my ideal weight of 63kg, and I’m not giv­ing up un­til I reach it,” Thacha stresses.

She also does loads of weight train­ing. “It’s very im­por­tant. As our mus­cles grow, we have bet­ter strength and en­durance to do more car­dio, and that leads to more ki­los shed. It doesn’t build ex­ces­sive-look­ing mus­cles, but it does bring out sexy-look­ing lean mus­cles,” she notes.

As for her diet, the key is por­tion con­trol. “It’s dif­fi­cult to sud­denly shift gears from junk to healthy. So, go slow but mon­i­tor your progress,” Thacha ad­vises. “My meals are mostly pro­teins and a lit­tle bit of carbs, but I drink a lot of wa­ter. I al­ways tell my­self, if I never stop my bing­ing habit, I’m never get­ting the body that I want.”

The Re­ward

Thacha now feels more ac­tive, en­er­getic and stronger: “I have a good per­spec­tive to­wards life now, and I’m will­ing to face what­ever chal­lenges come my way. I love my­self even more.”

What’s the most im­por­tant les­son that she’s learned? “If you have per­se­ver­ance, willpower and fo­cus, you can def­i­nitely achieve any­thing that you de­sire in life no mat­ter how many ob­sta­cles you face,” she re­flects. “When­ever I feel like giv­ing up, I think about all the dis­cour­ag­ing com­ments that have been thrown at me. I want to be liv­ing proof that weight loss is achiev­able if you work hard for it. Noth­ing can stop you, un­less you limit your­self. You’ll be sur­prised by what you can achieve.”

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