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If you want to avoid get­ting blis­ters from wear­ing high heels, here’s a sim­ple and in­ex­pen­sive trick—tape your feet with good ol’ sur­gi­cal tape! Ap­ply­ing this tape to blis­ter­prone ar­eas is said to re­duce the fre­quency of foot blis­ters, which is a po­ten­tial boon to ex­treme en­durance runners, hik­ers, mil­i­tary re­cruits and yes, women who wear high heels reg­u­larly. A study con­ducted by Dr. Grant Lip­man tested the ef­fi­cacy of us­ing sur­gi­cal tape to pre­vent blis­ters in a 250km Rac­ingth­e­p­lanet ul­tra­ma­rathon event. The tape was used on 128 runners, with each run­ner only get­ting one foot taped. 98 runners (77%) avoided get­ting blis­ters on the taped foot; con­versely, 81 runners (63%) ended up with blis­ters on the un­taped foot.

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