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Con­fess­ing:So free­ing!Un­less you’ re the per­son who just in­heriteda truth bomb( say, a pal who cops to cheat­ing on her boyfriend... who’ s al­soy­our friend ). Se­cret-pass­ing­can feel a lot like a health-sap­ping game of tele­phone, in which the the re­ceiver of­ten gets the shaft. Re­search sug­gests trau­matic fam­ily se­crets can dealykids’ devel­op­ment, keep­ing them from men­tally pro­gress­ing on sched­ule. For adults, the stress of tak­ing on some­one else's con­fi­den­tial info can lead to loss of sleep. headaches and up­set stom­aches. headaches and up­set stom­aches.

Sowhat to do if a bud dump a gi­ant whaaa ?! on you? Stopthe cy­cle by un­loadin­gon a neu­tral third party, such as a ther­a­pis­tor clergy mem­ber or even the sites listed above. If. you pinky-swore not to tell an­other soul, there still hope: Sim­ply vent­ing to a non­in­volved per­son (heart you, mum!) thatyou feel bur dedb ya fri ed’s se­cret—wit ho us a ring any spe­cific de­tails—can all but erase any neg­a­tive symp­toms, says psy­chol­o­gist Evan Im­ber-Black, PhD, au­thor of The The Se­cret Life of Fam­i­lies.

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