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Over a course of nine years, a study was con­ducted on macronu­tri­ents and the con­nec­tion it has with our waist­line. As it turns out, women’s mea­sure­ments, on av­er­age, in­crease by 6.9cm (at the waist) and by 3.6cm (at the hips) when we chow down on carbs, fi­bre and fruc­tose. Bet­ter choices for main­tain­ing a base­line waist size were su­crose and pro­tein. But that’s not the bad news. It seems the odds re­ally are stacked against us, as more types of macronu­tri­ents (di­etary fi­bre, fruc­tose, al­co­hol, an­i­mal pro­tein, to­tal pro­tein, an­i­mal fat and veg­etable fat) were shown to af­fect the mea­sure­ments of women more than men. Un­fair!

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