Brain Swell

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Be­ing obese doesn’t just hin­der your phys­i­cal speed but that of your brain as well. A study showed a slower cog­ni­tive pro­cess­ing speed and brain dif­fer­ence in obese teens. In the cog­ni­tive tests, obese ado­les­cents had slower cog­ni­tive pro­cess­ing speed com­pared to the healthy weight ado­les­cents. Re­searchers also found dif­fer­ences in the brain im­ages within obese and healthy weight groups in the an­te­rior por­tion of the cor­pus cal­lo­sum, the band of nerve fi­bres that joins the two hemi­spheres of the brain and is re­spon­si­ble for trans­mit­ting neu­ral mes­sages be­tween them. This dif­fer­ence, re­searchers hy­poth­e­sised, may par­tially ex­plain the pro­cess­ing speed find­ings.

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