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MOSTLY As… The Cool ‘It’ Girl

You are usu­ally most com­fort­able at the cen­tre of a crowd, and you get in­vited to all the hip par­ties and events in town. You are con­fi­dent, in­flu­en­tial and you’re im­pec­ca­bly stylish, not to men­tion your makeup is al­ways on point. You love hang­ing out with your girlfriends, and to­gether, you get a good feel­ing from the en­cour­age­ment and sup­port— your girl squad is strong! We sug­gest prints like ex­otic birds to ac­cen­tu­ate your bright, bub­bly per­son­al­ity. They would also look great in pic­tures— think pink flamin­gos, birds of par­adise and cranes.

MOSTLY Bs… The Chilled-out and Car­ing Chick

Ev­ery­one loves hang­ing out with you and even though you are more than glad not be­ing out there with the cool kids, you find your­self al­ways sur­rounded by peo­ple. Oth­ers are drawn to you be­cause you are kind, trustwor­thy and a great lis­tener who dishes out sage ad­vice. But you are, by no means, a pushover. You stand up for what’s right and you are not afraid to speak your mind. What other an­i­mal best rep­re­sents the car­ing na­ture of your per­son­al­ity than man’s best friend? Not only do these have puppy prints on them, they are also per­fect for those chilled-out mo­ments.

MOSTLY Cs… The Type A and Proud

It gen­er­ally takes a bit of ef­fort to get to know you. Al­though once they consider you a friend, they’ll find you easy to like and loyal to a fault. Cool cats (like you) are in­de­pen­dent crea­tures that tend to like iso­la­tion over a party, but don’t be fooled by their smooth ex­te­rior, be­cause they are hard­work­ing goget­ters. You like things to be neat and or­gan­ised, but by gosh, in no way are you rigid. You just like things to go your way! We think any cats—big or small— are your spirit an­i­mal. These op­tions are a per­fect blend of style and quirk­i­ness that show peo­ple that, while you mean busi­ness, you are far from bor­ing!

MOSTLY Ds… The Ex­tro­verted Arty Gal

You’re crazy colourful and full of per­son­al­ity! You’re not afraid to push the bound­aries with new things or stand out from the crowd with your funky, per­sonal style. You are pas­sion­ate and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty do­ing cre­ative stuff—your fave pas­time could be any­thing from ex­per­i­ment­ing with dif­fer­ent nail colours to match your hair, to col­lect­ing peb­ble friends. Uni­corns are as fun and out of this world as you are. We picked more sub­dued pieces be­cause they’ll go well with your multi-coloured tutu and fairy wings.

Only Only one cap sleeve top black, RM105, za­ Cat In The Bowl flamingo print dress, RM80, za­lora.

Jaded Lon­don fairy tale uni­corn print swim­suit, RM250, at Top­shop

H&M cropped top, RM119 Top­shop tiger print shorts, RM210

H&M t-shirt with mo­tif, RM49.90

Top­shop All Over Bull­dog socks, RM25

Zara printed blouse with polo neck, RM199.90

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