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If you’re look­ing for pants on fire to smoke out a liar, it ain’t gonna hap­pen. But there can be ways to tell if some­one is fib­bing to your face. When spread­ing false­hoods, the body al­most al­ways rebels, leak­ing small phys­i­cal signs, says Ek­man. HEAD Your co­worker shakes his nog­gin al­most im­per­cep­ti­bly while telling you he didn’t steal your idea and pass it off to the boss as his own. He so did. FACE As peo­ple fib, split sec­onds of truth of­ten flash across their face be­fore their brain can re­take con­trol. Think: Mum’s fleet­ing gri­mace be­fore she says she re­ally, re­ally likes your new apart­ment. HANDS Near-con­stant hand ges­tures (like point­ing, fid­get­ing or face scratch­ing) in some­one who is usu­ally re­laxed can be a sign she’s not be­ing hon­est. SPEECH Liars take longer to an­swer ques­tions than truth tell­ers, and they may pause mid-sen­tence (mak­ing shit up takes time!).

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