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What ev­ery­one should have in their emer­gency kit.

From a kitchen cut to a sprained an­kle, stuff hap­pens—but nearly half of us don’t keep a kit of sup­plies handy for emer­gen­cies. Not you, not now. 1 / An­ti­his­tamine tablets. Quickly calm bug bites, hives and al­ler­gic re­ac­tions. 2 / Ad­he­sive ban­dages. Size is cru­cial: Teeny ones for pinkies and H-shaped for knuck­les. 3 / Tourni­quet. Stops se­vere, life-threat­en­ing bleed­ing when pres­sure isn’t do­ing the job. 4 / Ther­mome­ter. Dis­pos­ables go un­der the tongue just like glass ones—but don’t break. 5 / Ster­ile gauze. For mod­er­ate bleed­ing, the hash-work ma­te­rial pro­motes clot­ting. 6 / Elas­tic ban­dage roll. Wrap a sprain with this bad boy to re­duce swelling. 7 / Trauma pad. Su­per­ab­sorbent for se­ri­ous bleed­ing—or as a barf bag (think: car­sick). 8 / In­stant cold com­press. No ice in sight? This chills out sports in­juries or bruises. 9/ Ban­dage shears. Curved and blunt­tipped, they cut cloth­ing or ban­dages safely. 10 / La­tex-free gloves. Pre­vent cross­con­tam­i­na­tion from blood or dirty hands. 11 / Sur­vival blan­ket. Heat-re­flec­tive and ul­trathin, it keeps you warm and dry. 12 / Safety gog­gles. Shield your eyes from bod­ily flu­ids while treat­ing an in­jured per­son. 13 & 14 / Ad­he­sive cloth tape. These ver­sa­tile rolls se­cure ban­dages, but paramedics also write treat­ment notes on them—or draw pic­tures on them to calm a fright­ened kid. 15 / Tweez­ers. Use to re­move a tick or splin­ter, but noth­ing from an ear or nose. 16 & 17 / Roller ban­dages. Af­ter con­trol­ling bleed­ing with gauze, wrap this around the dress­ing and se­cure with tape. 18 / CPR mask. When do­ing mouth-to­mouth, this bar­rier blocks germs and helps more oxy­gen get to the lungs. 19 / Anti-itch cream. Hy­dro­cor­ti­sone keeps a rash from flaring up and soothes poi­son ivy. 20 / An­tibi­otic oint­ment. Wounds heal best when moist­ened with this and then cov­ered. 21 / Low-dose as­pirin. A pos­si­ble heartat­tack vic­tim chews two while you call 911. 22 & 23 / An­ti­sep­tic wipes and hand

sani­tiser. Soap and wa­ter are al­ways best, but in a pinch these can clean de­bris from wounds or germs from your hands.

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