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Find out how Jayan­thi Gu­narat­nam uses work­ing out as a way to de-stress.

“as a worka­holic, I never had a proper work-life bal­ance,” says Jayan­thi gu­narat­nam. the long hours at her desk com­bined with be­ing over­weight even­tu­ally led to a slipped disc. Dur­ing her re­cov­ery, she re­alised she needed to do some­thing dras­tic. “I was very de­pressed at the time. I feared not be­ing able to be ac­tive, travel or do the things that I love, and that made me re­alise that I needed to lose weight and stay fit,” she re­flects. “I de­cided that I should in­vest in a per­sonal trainer rather than pay for med­i­cal bills.”

Jayan­thi joined a gym four years ago but ended up skip­ping most days be­cause she got caught up with work. but to boost her mo­ti­va­tion this time, she signed up for a per­sonal trainer at celebrity Fit­ness to en­sure she at­tended classes. she also wanted some­one to coach her in the cor­rect tech­niques so as not to ag­gra­vate her in­jury.

“work­ing out with my trainer, shahzual Ishak, has been good for me as he is my sound­ing board for my fit­ness goals,” she says. “I now have more bal­ance in my day-to­day life and no longer work 16-hour days.”

the 45-year-old says that a few ob­sta­cles still get in her way these days. “some­times, work­ing out isn’t a pri­or­ity and my weight plateaus, which is frus­trat­ing,” she ad­mits. “at work, I al­ways re­mind my­self of my goals and I make it a point to squeeze in at least one hour of gym work ev­ery day.

“as for break­ing through weight-loss plateaus, my trainer’s en­cour­age­ment and mo­ti­va­tion and our con­stant dis­cus­sions on ways to change up ex­er­cise rou­tines and the other tweaks that I need to make in my life helped a lot.”

Jayan­thi now hits the gym six times a week. she keeps things in­ter­est­ing by do­ing a mixed rou­tine that in­cludes weights, abs work­out, func­tional train­ing, hiit classes, and even muay thai.

she’s stopped skip­ping meals too. “In the past, I didn’t have reg­u­lar meals. now I have five small meals a day. I eat more pro­tein and veg­eta­bles too, as op­posed to carbs, which I try not to take at night if pos­si­ble. I con­sume less sugar and sweet­ened drinks. I also get more shut-eye.”

De­spite her strong de­ter­mi­na­tion to reach her fit­ness goals, Jayan­thi doesn’t deny the im­por­tance of hav­ing a good sup­port sys­tem be­cause “there will be times when you want to give up be­cause what you’re do­ing seems too dif­fi­cult.” she con­tin­ues: “It’s good that I have a per­sonal trainer and a sis­ter who re­mind me of my fit­ness goals and en­cour­age me to meet them.”

two months into her gym mem­ber­ship at celebrity Fit­ness, and Jayan­thi feels like a much bet­ter ver­sion of her­self. “I feel great, so much fit­ter and lighter! my body is more toned. I have bet­ter stamina and can move around eas­ily. I’ve also man­aged to strengthen my back to pre­vent my slipped disc in­jury from re­cur­ring. but the big­gest con­fi­dence booster is the fact that I’ve dropped from size XXL/XL to m!” she says proudly.

For Jayan­thi, get­ting fit isn’t just about los­ing weight; it’s a holis­tic jour­ney. “It’s ex­er­cise for my mind, body and soul,” she af­firms. “I de-stress when I work out. It’s re­fresh­ing af­ter a long day at work.”

what’s the best les­son that she’s learned from her jour­ney so far? “It’s mind over mat­ter. If you set your mind to it, it can be done. be­ing too busy is just an ex­cuse; it’s a mat­ter of pri­or­i­ties. It will be tough in the be­gin­ning and there will be days when you don’t want to con­tinue, but don’t give up as you’ll see re­sults soon enough,” she ad­vises. “It’s not all about ex­er­cise as well; there needs to be a bal­ance in meals, sleep pat­terns and stress lev­els. start with an end goal in mind. no mat­ter how hard it is, even tak­ing one step to­wards a fit­ness regime is bet­ter than none.”

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