More Than a Num­ber

Women's Health (Malaysia) - - DISCUSS - Source: Dr Melina Jam­po­lis, physi­cian nu­tri­tion spe­cial­ist and author of The Doc­tor on De­mand Diet

Step­ping on a scale that mea­sures ki­los alone may soon seem as out­dated as own­ing a land­line phone. A riot of body-fat scales have hit the mar­ket, but many are skewed by the user’s hy­dra­tion lev­els through­out the day, giv­ing in­ac­cu­rate re­sults. En­ter: The Naked (pre­orders slated to ship in Novem­ber, The ro­tat­ing scale-and­mir­ror combo takes 3D scans of your nude bod, then, synced with an app, it spits out weight, mea­sure­ments (arms, legs, waist, etc.), and to­tal body-fat per­cent­age. But it costs an out­ra­geous RM4,288. Know­ing your body fat can be help­ful if you’re on a fit­ness reg­i­men, since the num­ber of ki­los lost can be mis­lead­ing (if, say, you’ve re­placed fat with mus­cle)—but most gyms have mea­sur­ing tools a trainer can help you use. Other­wise, you likely don’t need to mon­i­tor your gen­eral body fat beyond a yearly phys­i­cal.

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