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The move­ment pat­tern here is the hip hinge, a foun­da­tion of most pos­te­rior-chain ex­er­cises (think dead­lift, swing and hip thrust). It’s es­sen­tial for hit­ting the ham­strings and glutes as well as boost­ing hip sta­bil­ity. The pull-through, how­ever, is an eas­ier-to-learn, more uni­ver­sal ex­er­cise that al­lows you to train those back­side mus­cles with­out over­load­ing pres­sure on your spine. Plus, this sin­gle-leg style in­creases ac­ti­va­tion to the work­ing-side glutes and ham­strings and re­cruits your core for bal­ance.

DO IT: Stand in front of the ca­ble ma­chine at your gym, or loop a re­sis­tance band around a sta­ble an­chor be­hind you. Prop your left foot, knee bent, on a bench be­hind you, grab the band be­tween your legs with your left hand and hinge for­ward at your hips un­til your torso is about par­al­lel to the floor (a). Pull the band through as you thrust your hips for­ward (b). That’s one rep.

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