PAIR: COOKED BROC­COLI AND RADISH TO: help pre­vent joint pain

Women's Weekly (Malaysia) - - Wellbeing -

Broc­coli is a good source of sul­foraphane, a com­pound that slows down the de­struc­tion of car­ti­lage in the joints, a key step in the devel­op­ment of os­teoarthri­tis. But the veg­etable’s sul­foraphane-mak­ing abil­ity gets stripped when it’s slightly over­cooked or has been through the snap-freez­ing process. Fix the prob­lem by pair­ing cooked broc­coli with radish. The hot and spicy veg­etable con­tains my­rosi­nase, an enzyme that helps re­store broc­coli’s sul­foraphane con­tent.

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