A Serum For All

With one bot­tle sold ev­ery 15 sec­onds world­wide, we find out why this Clarins serum is a crowd favourite

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To age grace­fully is of­ten the dream of many women. Of the many beauty prod­ucts that line your dress­ing ta­ble to help you reach this goal is a serum. Of­ten serums can pen­e­trate deeper into your skin and help to fend off lines and wrin­kles. And how does a beauty brand stay ahead in the front lines? By in­tro­duc­ing an all-new in­no­va­tion and pack­ag­ing for a much-loved serum, of course!

The Key To Ra­di­ant Skin

The se­cret to bet­ter skin lies in how ef­fec­tively your skin cells com­mu­ni­cate with one an­other, says Marie-Hélène Lair, Clarins Sci­en­tific Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Di­rec­tor. And with this eighth gen­er­a­tion dou­ble serum, it has in­tro­duced turmeric, the most “talk­a­tive” in­gre­di­ent yet to its plant-based line-up.

So what hap­pens when your skin cells can’t com­mu­ni­cate well? This is when signs of age­ing creep up – ac­cord­ing to a cel­lu­lar bi­ol­ogy team based in Bel­gium. As the number of lipid mi­crodomains de­crease with age, un­der sun rays and pol­lu­tion, the cells’ abil­ity to com­mu­ni­cate well also rapidly drops.

“Here’s where the tumerones (de­rived from turmeric) comes into the pic­ture. It in­creases the pro­duc­tion of lipid mi­crodomain re­cep­tors, which makes the cells able to lis­ten to its sur­round­ing mes­sages well, once again. This then bet­ter stim­u­lates the skin’s five vi­tal func­tions: re­gen­er­a­tion, oxy­gena­tion, nutri­tion, hy­dra­tion and pro­tec­tion,” ex­plains MarieHélène.

It’s Per­fect For Ev­ery­one

“This prod­uct isn’t about age,” says MarieHélène. “We car­ried out a wide test with over 300 women from all over the world– Asia, Europe and US. Th­ese were ladies rang­ing from 20 to 70 years old, all skin types, com­bi­na­tions and eth­nic­ity. This was just to check on the uni­ver­sal­ity of the dou­ble serum. The re­sult? We found out that af­ter just one ap­pli­ca­tion, th­ese ladies said their skin was smoother, more ra­di­ant and more hy­drated!”

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