Healthy Kitchen Makeover

A tidy and well-or­gan­ised kitchen can help to pro­tect your health in many sur­pris­ing ways

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Want to im­prove your health and well­be­ing? Here are 12 tweaks you can eas­ily make to your kitchen if you want to...

...avoid food poi­son­ing Stick a “Wash Your Hands” re­minder on the fridge.

See­ing a writ­ten re­minder makes you much more likely to wash your hands at cru­cial mo­ments when you are pre­par­ing a meal, which can help to pre­vent food poi­son­ing. Re­mem­ber, the dry­ing process is just as im­por­tant to pre­vent lin­ger­ing bac­te­ria from trans­fer­ring to other sur­faces, so dry your hands thor­oughly with a pa­per towel.

Fill a kitchen drawer with clean tea tow­els.

It makes it eas­ier and more con­ve­nient to reach for a clean, dry one. This mat­ters be­cause damp tea tow­els are a breed­ing ground for germs. It is one rea­son why 60 per cent of tea tow­els fail the hy­giene test, with some even “grow­ing” E. coli bac­te­ria. Ex­perts rec­om­mend re­plac­ing tea tow­els after ev­ery use, but 21 per cent of us use the same one for a week or more.

Buy two ther­mome­ters.

Get one for your fridge and one for cook­ing. When tem­per­a­tures in our fridges are not cold enough, this en­cour­ages food poi­son­ing bugs to mul­ti­ply. Only 25 per cent of peo­ple use a ther­mome­ter to cook chicken or re­heat left­overs, de­spite it be­ing the most ef­fec­tive way to judge when food is prop­erly cooked, par­tic­u­larly un­der LED kitchen lights, which make meat ap­pear more well done than it is. En­sure the fridge is 5°C or be­low, and that left­overs reach 75°C dur­ing re­heat­ing.

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