Su­per­food Smooth­ies

Th­ese su­per­food-packed smooth­ies are chock­full of health bene ts that will keep you glow­ing from inside out all day long!

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Yummy and healthy con­coc­tions that nour­ish


200ml water

1 heaped tbsp nat­u­ral, full-fat

Greek yo­ghurt

½ tsp spir­ulina pow­der

A hand­ful fresh baby spinach leaves A small hand­ful mixed berries ½ ki­wifruit

1 tsp chia seeds

“This great all-rounder is a great source of mag­ne­sium and B vi­ta­mins,” says Chi­nese medicine prac­ti­tioner An­drew Orr. “Th­ese fruits and veg­eta­bles de­liver an­tiox­i­dants while chia seeds oer lots of omega-3 and yo­ghurt is great for gut health.”


2 scoops vanilla pro­tein pow­der ½ cup blue­ber­ries

2 tsps chia seeds

1 serv­ing Weetabix Multi-Grain A few drops vanilla essence

“Pro­tein helps keep us fuller for longer,” says di­eti­cian Susie Bur­rel. “It also helps im­prove mus­cle €tness and hor­mone func­tion, which is key to weight loss. Add some blue­ber­ries, the ul­ti­mate an­tiox­i­dant “su­per­food” and Weetabix, a sin­gle serv­ing of grain carbs that takes a long time to di­gest, so you can stave o hunger pangs for longer.”


½ cup iced water

2 large ap­ples, peeled, cored 1 car­rot, peeled

1 stick cel­ery, veined

“This is a great way to sneak in the daily serv­ings of veg­eta­bles and fruit kids need,” says di­eti­cian and au­thor Kate Di Prima.


1 medium beet­root, nely chopped

(can be baked rst)

1 car­rot, peeled

1 cel­ery stalk

¼ pineap­ple juice of ½ lemon

“In some ath­letic cir­cles, drink­ing beet­root is known as ‘le­gal blood dop­ing’, as it is so eƒffec­tive in en­hanc­ing ath­letic per­for­mance,” says nutri­tion­ist and nat­u­ral health ex­pert Adam Cliƒord.


200ml cold water

Flesh of ¼ ripe drag­on­fruit

½ ki­wifruit

1 tsp chia seeds

½ small mango

Scoop vanilla pro­tein pow­der

Pulp of ½ pas­sion­fruit (add at the end,

do not blend)

“Some foods con­tain nu­tri­ents linked to bet­ter heart health such as ki­wifruit. It may help with mild blood pres­sure; dragon fruit is a good source of vi­ta­min C and pas­sion­fruit is high in ‰bre, all linked to bet­ter choles­terol con­trol,” says An­drew.

Sieve the mix­ture af­ter blend­ing. Make a thicker shake by us­ing ice cubes in­stead of iced water

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