Truth as a force of change

Many peo­ple find com­fort in be­liev­ing that lies and de­cep­tion, cor­rup­tion and greed are the nor­mal cir­cum­stance of the hu­man na­ture, for it would take great ef­fort and courage to be­lieve the op­po­site and de­fend it.

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Rachel Borg is an in­de­pen­dent colum­nist based in the tourism in­dus­try

24 Septem­ber 1975

In this way, peo­ple who de­pend on mak­ing their way through life on the strength of lies gain some power to im­press. In th­ese past years we would not be blamed for think­ing that the truth is a poor match for the horse­man rid­ing the dark side. But they would be wrong. In the words of Ma­hatma Gandhi – Truth alone will en­dure; all the rest will be swept away be­fore the tide of time.

And time is ap­proach­ing now with gath­er­ing speed. From ev­ery an­gle, the call for truth is per­sist­ing and reach­ing over the ca­coph­ony of lies. As it pro­gresses it gains mo­men­tum.

This week we have seen no greater be­liever and de­fender of the truth than Si­mon Busut­til, leader of the Na­tion­al­ist Party, as the In­de­pen­dence Day oc­ca­sion was cel­e­brated for all the coun­try.

We are now in a kind of sit­u­a­tion where even though ac­tions and out­comes seem to sup­port the lies and de­cep­tion, they are no more than a lin­ger­ing bad smell of ran­cid meat. Those with any sense will turn away and look for a more pleas­ant odour.

It is, nat­u­rally, a shame when those who can and whose duty it is, to ex­pose lies and re­sist the abil­ity to ex­tend them, take a weak and obliging path, con­don­ing the wrong. But as long as this gov­ern­ment is in charge, we will have to en­dure and face the con­se­quences.

The truth can­not stay hid­den, though. The ac­counts in Panama will spit out their own­ers who will no longer hide be­hind a woman’s skirts; the tanker in Marsaxlokk will be in plain sight and no one in their right mind will mo­tor close to it; fi­nances will be short, no mat­ter what the rat­ings say; the sick in the hospi­tal cor­ri­dors, the mis­ery in the pub­lic cor­rec­tional fa­cil­i­ties; land given out like per­lini at fancy wed­dings with all the trim­mings; the high rises that are built on sand; the uni­ver­si­ties that come from nowhere; the price of fuel, wa­ter and elec­tric­ity but most of all the en­demic de­ceit at the heart of it all.

We need to have all con­tracts made pub­lic now and not in some for­got­ten time. Con­tracts for the hospi­tal in Gozo and at St. Luke’s and above all, the con­tract with Elec­tro­gas Malta Con­sor­tium and Ene­malta and all the other fi­nan­cial com­mit­ments made by the gov­ern­ment that went with them. In my view, it is es­sen­tial that th­ese con­tracts are made pub­lic be­fore Kon­rad Mizzi has to ap­pear be­fore the EU com­mit­tee on the Panama Papers. Any­thing less and they will be pour­ing petrol on the fire.

Peo­ple are sens­ing this in­evitable force for truth, know­ing that it will hap­pen and they will make it hap­pen. Many have al­ready fixed their sights on the PN to make sure that the fu­ture will not be the same as it is now be­cause they are sick of it.

It is not some­thing that is unique to our coun­try, the lies and ma­nip­u­la­tions. But other coun­tries or or­gan­i­sa­tions have checks and bal­ances, have a sense of pub­lic out­cry that leaves them no other choice but to own up to their mis­deeds. Only in Malta, what is sup­posed to be a demo­cratic and free coun­try, do we have our lead­ers think­ing this wild fan­tasy that things will re­main hid­den and pro­tec­tion is avail­able as long as Joseph is the PM.

In­ter­na­tional or­gan­i­sa­tions are not im­mune ei­ther to the kind of syn­drome that per­mits them to ig­nore truth and jus­tice and pro­ceed as nor­mal with de­ci­sions that fly in the face of hon­esty. We ex­pect far bet­ter from them and it is no won­der when con­fu­sion takes over.

If one man is pre­pared to com­mit his word on clean­ing up this filth, on gen­er­at­ing a re­newal of faith in the abil­ity of the peo­ple to achieve this change, then we need to of­fer our sup­port in ev­ery way pos­si­ble, chang­ing the mind­set from neg­a­tive to pos­i­tive (be­cause those who be­lieve that the power of cor­rup­tion is greater than the voice of truth are the real neg­a­tives here) and get­ting be­hind him.

It is not an easy jour­ney and many peo­ple can say what they have been through when try­ing to speak out but the truth is also mighty. With it comes the qual­ity of life we lead. With­out the truth ev­ery­thing is tainted. So if we want to have a healthy and pros­per­ous life, it needs to be based on a trust­wor­thy and solid foun­da­tion. From there will come the proper ed­u­ca­tion, the real op­por­tu­ni­ties for all so­ci­ety, a healthy en­vi­ron­ment, so­cial jus­tice, moral well­be­ing based on sound prin­ci­ples and a right to spend­ing time with fam­ily in the home and out­side it.

When peo­ple start to see that it is not from money it­self that they ac­quire this qual­ity of life, but from a de­cent gov­ern­ment freely elected, do­ing an hon­est job, they can be­gin to make a choice and not al­low any fear to come be­tween them and their de­ci­sion.

All around us are daily con­se­quences of the mis­use of trust and need. Dr Mus­cat and his per­sons of trust are re­spon­si­ble for the worst cases that have come to our at­ten­tion and for which pre­cious lit­tle has been done to un­cover the truth. Pre­sent­ing a façade of sym­pa­thy and peace to pla­cate the pro­test­ers has worked well for now.

So another lie is used to cover the lies be­neath – the idea that avoid­ing con­flict and con­fronta­tion is the bet­ter way. If we al­low this trans­fer of guilt to go on we will have given up our rights and very soon, our coun­try. When you see that the space around you is clos­ing in, when the sea (and not just) is cov­ered in slime, when homes have no har­mony and prospects be­come dim, then re­al­i­sa­tion sets in and time be­gins its work to turn back to the truth and get it out.

Just as many peo­ple felt they had just cause and gripe in the last elec­tion to re­ject the PN, with so much hap­pen­ing now that screams cor­rup­tion and mis­man­age­ment, there will be the in­di­vid­ual cases that will col­lec­tively head to the polls to do what should have been done al­ready and kick this crew out to make way for sound prin­ci­ples and hon­est lead­er­ship.

Fix your course on a star and you will nav­i­gate any storm – Leonardo da Vinci.

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