Woman finds eastern brown snake in Ugg boot

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An Aus­tralian woman has called wildlife wran­glers to evict a 1m-long ven­omous and “horny” snake from her Ugg boot.

Snake catcher Rolly Bur­rell caught the eastern brown snake at the woman’s home in Ade­laide, South Aus­tralia.

She had stepped out­side her south­ern sub­urbs home to col­lect her shoes and saw a brown tail dis­ap­pear into a boot.

The species is con­sid­ered one of the world’s most ven­omous land snakes and is found along the coasts and in­land ar­eas of main­land Aus­tralia.

“She went out­side to get her Ugg boots and she saw some­thing shoot in there,” Mr Bur­rell said. “She re­alised it was a snake.” The typ­i­cally shy breed was re­leased back into the wild away from built-up ar­eas.

Mr Bur­rell said his com­pany had been called on to re­move a snake from another shoe about one a year.

Ugg boots, made of sheep­skin with a woolly in­te­rior, are some­thing of an Aus­tralian icon, and make a cosy spot for a snake to warm up.

Mr Bur­rell sug­gested the footwear de­camp­ment was a re­sult of shift­ing tem­per­a­tures af­ter an un­sea­son­ably long win­ter.

“They’re all just start­ing to wake up from their sleep,” Mr Bur­rell said.

“Their mat­ing sea­son has started so they’re all horny and hun­gry.”

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