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If pro­fes­sional ad­vice is needed, to­day is the most pro­duc­tive time to seek ad­vice. You could find a teacher or guide, a new ap­proach to your ca­reer, etc. Ca­reer in­sights and break­throughs are pos­si­ble. Your am­bi­tion is in­ten­si­fied. You might dis­cover that ex­cep­tional so­lu­tions to life’s prob­lems or new di­rec­tions and paths are in or­der. Emo­tional se­ri­ous­ness, a sober ori­en­ta­tion and a prac­ti­cal aware­ness of the na­ture of time are all key­notes of your mind­set. There is a ten­dency to be too strict with your­self and to in­sist that what­ever does not con­trib­ute to se­cu­rity and other long-term goals is triv­ial. Your in­ner re­sources and emo­tions are ac­cented. Ex­pect a sense of sup­port and help­ful­ness from those around you. Re­lax this evening–ex­er­cise, et.


To­day brings with it op­por­tu­ni­ties to un­der­stand and heal most any sit­u­a­tion. You help to change at­ti­tudes and bring new goals into fo­cus. The en­er­gies are work­ing with you to bring about a bal­ance in any area you feel needs your at­ten­tion. The ul­ti­mate an­swers are un­avail­able to the strictly sec­u­lar or ra­tio­nal ap­proach, be­cause the whole is a lot more than just its parts. Fi­nan­cial gain and ma­te­rial well­be­ing are among the brighter prospects loom­ing be­fore you now, as you fo­cus on how much things re­ally mean to you. Con­sider in­clud­ing a neigh­bor in your ex­er­cise rou­tine this af­ter­noon–to keep each other mo­ti­vated. This is a good time for mak­ing cor­rec­tions, clean­ing and sort­ing out things that have been thrown in a drawer, closet or re­frig­er­a­tor.


This is a great time to be with others and to work to­gether. You may be sought af­ter as just the per­son for a par­tic­u­lar job. Your man­age­ment and direc­tional abil­i­ties are in high fo­cus. You are pleased to be ap­proved for this next pro­ject and your ef­forts will be suc­cess­ful. You may be help­ful in set­ting prices or sched­ul­ing peo­ple. Un­der­stand­ing in­ner mo­ti­va­tions, see­ing through to the core and find­ing clar­i­fi­ca­tion is a real path of power. Sur­round your­self with the most pos­i­tive peo­ple. Th­ese are the peo­ple that help you stretch and en­cour­age you to reach your high­est po­ten­tial. They may be peo­ple that could be men­tors for you by ob­serv­ing their be­hav­ior. En­joy young peo­ple tonight– ev­ery­one will ben­e­fit.


You may find that your mind is over­worked to­day. Yes­ter­day was the past, to­mor­row is the fu­ture and yes . . . To­day is a gift! Use to­day to the best of your abil­ity and change those wor­ries into pos­i­tive ac­tions. Tear it down and build it up again, reach in and pluck out the of­fend­ing el­e­ment: that’s what this day’s en­ergy in­volves. Power be­comes a com­pelling idea, per­haps even an aphro­disiac–you have a stronger than usual sup­ply of it now. Use it–do not abuse it, you might find that it’s a twoedged sword! Others value you for your abil­ity to make prac­ti­cal de­ci­sions, and clear de­ci­sions af­fect­ing others could be made now. You have a dis­ci­plined ap­proach to work, health and life’s other es­sen­tial rou­tines that are es­pe­cially im­por­tant now.


You are try­ing to un­der­stand big busi­ness to­day. You may even be think­ing of ways that you could go into busi­ness for your­self. The power of or­ga­ni­za­tion on a so­cial scale–busi­ness, po­lit­i­cal, etc.–seems to take on a larg­erthan-life feel to­day. It’s as if am­bi­tion and author­ity are an­swers in them­selves, rather than only a means to an ideal ob­jec­tive. This can lead to con­fu­sion and am­bi­tious schemes that tend to be­come lost along the way. Real power is al­ways hid­den–find­ing it means delv­ing into the se­cret places and that’s where you are bound to look now. If you are still yearn­ing for mr. Or ms. Right, do not waste time rem­i­nisc­ing. In­stead, be­come in­volved in creative or plea­sur­able sit­u­a­tions. Some­one ex­cep­tional will come to your at­ten­tion soon.


You tend to be rad­i­cal when it comes to self­anal­y­sis, which in­cludes health care, food and phys­i­cal well­be­ing. Serv­ing and car­ing for your­self and others is a pri­mary source of in­ner growth and change. You are sen­si­tive to crit­i­cism. To­day, at work, you may have to make some ad­just­ments–some­one could be in a crit­i­ciz­ing mood. De­cide to make what­ever changes you need and then move for­ward. This evening a loved one or friend is re­cep­tive and will lis­ten to your words. You love so­cial life and re­la­tion­ships of all kinds–part­ners, mar­riages, teach­ers and such. You are very re­spon­sive your­self and value this in others. You do not play fa­vorites and are quite im­per­sonal when it comes to your re­spon­si­bil­i­ties. Young peo­ple learn from you.


This is a high-en­ergy day where many doors of op­por­tu­nity are opened and many un­fin­ished projects can be com­pleted. When you least ex­pect it, there will be a lit­tle boost, some sort of ex­tra sup­port or recog­ni­tion from those around you. You may feel that you are in touch with others and ev­ery­thing is work­ing in your fa­vor. The sup­port you need is avail­able. You de­velop a knack for or­ga­niz­ing things and peo­ple as a sense of am­bi­tion and prac­ti­cal­ity takes hold. Work, achieve­ment and am­bi­tion are the things that mean a lot to you. Take a lit­tle trip, or get out­side dur­ing the day. You may want to break your rou­tine. This will take you away from the stress and help you to re­gain a fo­cus. Be more in­volved in recre­ational ac­tiv­i­ties each evening.


Your pos­i­tive out­look is catch­ing! Your in­tu­itive pow­ers are strong to­ward mak­ing things work in your fa­vor. This is a good time to ask for a raise. Your ideas are very well-re­ceived at this time. Your en­thu­si­asm is strong and can win the sup­port of a valu­able sup­porter. There are up­com­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties to meet your spe­cial love this week. Those of you that have ex­pe­ri­enced prob­lems in your love re­la­tion­ship will find an­swers this week. A more con­crete foun­da­tion is in the works. Find ways that you can ap­pre­ci­ate just who you are and what you are do­ing with your life now. The hap­pier you are with your life and your ac­com­plish­ments, the hap­pier the peo­ple around you will be­come. Give care­ful at­ten­tion to the ev­ery­day re­la­tion­ships now.

The en­er­gies are right to­day for team ef­fort. Peo­ple just want to add their en­ergy to a pro­ject . . . Everybody wants to be in­cluded! It is easy for you to make cor­rect de­ci­sions. Prob­lems seem man­age­able and easy to solve. Even though the in­ten­sity of this pe­riod di­min­ishes fairly soon, you will con­tinue to feel that easy man­ner you have now, through­out the rest of this year. Ex­er­cise or some team sports com­pe­ti­tion may not go as well as you ex­pected this af­ter­noon. You may feel that you are not able to hold up to the stamina that is re­quired of you just now. Set rea­son­able fit­ness goals and con­cen­trate on re­leas­ing ten­sion and stretch­ing. A good con­ver­sa­tion with those you love is pos­si­ble this evening. This is a sat­is­fy­ing da.


You might feel that some av­enues of sup­port have been cut off or blocked to­day. This is a tem­po­rary sit­u­a­tion, so stay to your­self as much as pos­si­ble for the du­ra­tion of the morn­ing. Do not pick out that new car to­day be­cause your sense of value may be stressed. Al­though you shy away from chal­lenges, you can­not es­cape fac­ing a few of them. Chal­lenges are what help us grow and learn about our­selves. Chal­lenges also help to im­prove our prob­lem-solv­ing skills. You may be called on to do some com­mu­nity work this evening–this is a pos­i­tive move, take ad­van­tage of the op­por­tu­nity. Your in­tu­itive and psy­chic abil­i­ties are en­hanced at this time–you may find it eas­ier to un­der­stand dif­fer­ent types of per­son­al­i­ties just now.

LEO 23 JUL – 22 AUG

Va­ca­tion time will be the most com­fort­able if taken or be­gun to­day. It is pos­si­ble that you will be trav­el­ing in or­der to tend to busi­ness. Who owes what, who owns what and who de­cides th­ese things are some of the ma­jor is­sues for you now. Un­der­stand­ing in­ner mo­ti­va­tions and see­ing through to the core is your real path of power. You may find that you can re­ally use your mind to think through things and make clear choices. Ca­reer de­ci­sions are straight­for­ward. You make your way through ideas, con­cepts and your abil­ity to com­mu­ni­cate and ex­press them to others. Make this evening a time of re­lax­ation–a mas­sage could be quite en­joy­able. Pay at­ten­tion to com­mu­nity ac­tiv­i­ties where you could vol­un­teer your creative tal­ents.


You may find it an easy ef­fort to ob­tain a loan to­day. You could be most per­sua­sive with others. You are in a good po­si­tion to com­mu­ni­cate and could even be lec­tur­ing or teach­ing. There are all sorts of op­por­tu­ni­ties for you to ex­press your­self–you may see many ar­eas of your life im­prove and ex­pand. Ob­tain­ing and ex­chang­ing in­for­ma­tion takes on more im­por­tance for you. Be­ing more in­volved with neigh­bors or sib­lings af­ter work sat­is­fies a deep emo­tional need. Com­mu­ni­cat­ing feel­ings be­comes most im­por­tant and it seems your pa­tience over the last few days has paid off–others are lis­ten­ing. A good con­ver­sa­tion with a loved one is pos­si­ble this evening. If you are not mar­ried, plans can now be ar­ranged for the cer­e­mony.

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