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those around him un­der­stood the dam­age this in­ter­view is do­ing to Malta’s rep­u­ta­tion. One has to read the anti-Malta bile in the Bri­tish tabloid press such as The Ex­press to sense this. The in­ter­view did Malta no good at all.

Malta’s re­la­tions with the UK go back many many years and are not com­pa­ra­ble to the re­la­tions of any other EU mem­ber state (ex­cept pos­si­bly Ire­land and Cyprus). The Bri­tish love Malta and love com­ing to Malta, with all its warts and in­con­ve­niences. Bri­tish sol­diers are buried in Malta, were treated and cared for in Mal­tese hospi­tals and died to save Malta.

Be­sides, Mal­tese Labour gov­ern­ments do not have a good press with the Bri­tish. Me­mories from the ‘Bri­tish Go Home’ ri­ots/de­mon­stra­tions in the 1950s, Dom Mintoff’s fiery rhetoric in the 1970s and his ju­bi­la­tion as the Bri­tish forces left Malta to be re­placed by Gaddafi are still alive in Bri­tain.

These may be early days: The Politico in­ter­view shows it does not pay to speak like Schauble clones when you are as small as Malta. What­ever the Mal­tese prime min­is­ter says in the Coun­cil, he should be­ware of speak­ing his mind in public when his at­ti­tude can only bring anger at Malta in Bri­tain.

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