Cli­mate change should be a pri­or­ity for Mediter­ranean coun­tries – MEP Miriam Dalli

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The Mediter­ranean is among the most vul­ner­a­ble re­gions to cli­mate change, and this should spur Mediter­ranean coun­tries and other coun­tries to take con­crete and im­me­di­ate ac­tion against cli­mate change, be­fore it is too late, MEP Miriam Dalli said.

The vul­ner­a­bil­ity of the Mediter­ranean is ev­i­dent, as more re­search and sci­en­tific stud­ies pre­dict that in 80 years’ time, pre­cip­i­ta­tion in the re­gion will de­crease by more than half while sea lev­els will con­tinue ris­ing, even up to 0.5m.

Fol­low­ing the strong vote of the Euro­pean Par­lia­ment back­ing the rat­i­fi­ca­tion of the Paris Cli­mate Change Con­fer­ence, Dr Dalli stressed the need that Euro­pean coun­tries start im­ple­ment­ing im­me­di­ately con­crete and ef­fec­tive mea­sures, in­clud­ing fund­ing for na­tional cli­mate ac­tion plans.

“Malta, along with other coun­tries, is al­ready hav­ing ad­verse con­se­quences as a re­sult of cli­mate change, such as drought and un­sta­ble weather. If no con­crete ac­tion is taken, the sit­u­a­tion of the re­gion will de­te­ri­o­rate fur­ther and se­cu­rity as­pects in the Mediter­ranean will be­come more wor­ry­ing,” the Labour MEP re­marked dur­ing a de­bate in the ple­nary ses­sion of the Euro­pean Par­lia­ment.

In this con­text, she lauded Malta and six other coun­tries for be­ing the first to rat­ify the Paris Agree­ment.

Fol­low­ing the suc­cess of the Paris con­fer­ence com­monly re­ferred to as COP 21, coun­tries will meet again this Novem­ber, this time in Mar­rakech in Morocco.

“The Mar­rakech Con­fer­ence comes at an ideal time for things to re­ally take-off in a re­gion which ne­ces­si­tates so much change. We should take this op­por­tu­nity and build on the progress made and the mo­men­tum gained in re­cent months to re­ally make a dif­fer­ence,” Dr Dalli con­cluded.

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