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LI­BRA 23 SEP - 22 OCT

You know a se­cure op­por­tu­nity when you see one and are will­ing to put forth the work it takes to see the re­sults of growth and sta­bil­ity. With a good mind for business and a strong de­sire to be­come fi­nan­cially se­cure, you might en­joy work­ing in the world of fi­nance. Fi­nan­cial spec­u­la­tion can be risky, but of­fers big re­wards. Big changes are present where your cre­ative pro­cesses are con­cerned–as if you are tear­ing things down to re­build them anew. You are in­tense–per­haps driven. Ro­man­tic re­la­tion­ships have a fated, charis­matic el­e­ment about them now. Some­one you love, or are in­fat­u­ated with, is chang­ing in fun­da­men­tal ways. A vis­i­tor in your home may com­pli­ment you on your tastes. Cloth­ing sales or de­sign in­ter­ests you now.


You like or­ga­ni­za­tion and prac­ti­cal­ity and you want to get things ac­com­plished. There are mo­ti­vat­ing en­er­gies to feel bet­ter, to gain more en­ergy and to gen­er­ally im­prove re­gard­ing work is­sues and the phys­i­cal body. Health goals are im­por­tant and you may look into op­tional av­enues to bet­ter health; it is good to have a choice. Do an in­ven­tory, seek ad­vice and en­joy busy­ing your­self with new ideas for bet­ter health. There could be rad­i­cal changes af­fect­ing your sense of se­cu­rity, self-con­fi­dence and fam­ily. You may find your­self trans­form­ing your home or fam­ily sit­u­a­tion–work­ing through the su­per­fi­cial­i­ties and get­ting down to last­ing val­ues. Tak­ing care of per­sonal business is a ma­jor theme where your emo­tional ori­en­ta­tion is con­cerned.


In-depth dis­cus­sions and prob­ing con­ver­sa­tions find you at your men­tal best. Your an­a­lyt­i­cal abil­i­ties are at a high point. Statis­tics are a big part of your work­day. Ideals and a sense of be­long­ing to some­thing big­ger than the merely per­sonal be­come a greater fo­cus this af­ter­noon. You en­joy friend­ships and tak­ing part in group ac­tiv­i­ties that cen­ter on op­ti­mistic goals. Meet­ing your­self in another per­son is the key­note of a new cy­cle that be­gins for you now. Re­la­tion­ships–ro­man­tic, business, so­cial–are the arena where this drama could be played. In com­ing to know the other per­son, forg­ing ties that bind two peo­ple, you come to a bet­ter un­der­stand­ing of your­self. It’s easy in the­ory, but it’s only in prac­tice that it comes to mean any­thing real.


This is a great time to be with oth­ers and to work to­gether. You may be sought af­ter as just the per­son for a par­tic­u­lar job. Your man­age­ment abil­i­ties are in high fo­cus. You could be most per­sua­sive with oth­ers at this time. You feel in­spired and this is an ex­cel­lent time to fol­low your cre­ative muse. Look for ways to elim­i­nate un­nec­es­sary or non­pro­duc­tive sit­u­a­tions from your life. Take a well-de­fined po­si­tion in eth­i­cal mat­ters. Oth­ers value you for your abil­ity to make prac­ti­cal de­ci­sions con­cern­ing group is­sues. This evening is a good time for sur­round­ing your­self with friends and young peo­ple and for hav­ing a good time. You en­joy sup­port from loved ones. Sev­eral of you may plan the next garage sale and do a lit­tle art work to ad­ver­tise for the oc­ca­sion.


Your in­tel­li­gence is the key in­gre­di­ent to in­sti­gat­ing a change in the work­place now. You are able to draw or list ex­am­ples that will en­cour­age em­ploy­ees or cus­tomers to move the merchandise right off the shelf. Business is prof­itable and is show­ing no signs of slow­ing down. It could be a few new in­ven­tions have hit the mar­ket­place. If you need a loan, this is a good time to ap­ply for a loan or be­gin a project. Take the time to read all con­tracts and let things de­velop slowly. Ma­te­rial things and the whole concept of value take on an ap­peal. Fi­nan­cial se­cu­rity and en­joy­ing the finer things in life, ap­pre­ci­at­ing and cre­at­ing things oth­ers long to have as­sume a high pri­or­ity. You and your loved one may en­joy at­tend­ing a so­cial func­tion this evening.


Mak­ing your mark on the world has special sig­nif­i­cance for you now. Achieve­ment, am­bi­tion and author­ity are things that take on greater im­por­tance. Or­ga­niz­ing and ad­min­is­ter­ing to peo­ple and projects will be­come cen­tral to your life­style. Ca­reer choices and the ob­vi­ous path that is open­ing up for you now may grate against your own sense of free­dom; there is some­thing to be learned here and lis­ten­ing to that small voice in­side your head may be the best path to walk. Some mid­dle road could be found if you search a lit­tle more. You make a lot of money for other peo­ple through your ad­vice and through your ac­count­ing abil­i­ties. You could take some of your own ad­vice and turn some of that pa­per­work into good hard cash. En­joy a ro­man­tic din­ner.


This is a low-en­ergy day that al­lows you to re­vise some of your plans, straighten out prob­lems and re­fur­bish your en­er­gies. You can work to your best ad­van­tage at this time. Plan­ning and set­ting things up to work in your fa­vor is a pos­i­tive. You at­tract money to­day and have good choices when it comes to in­vest­ments. Any un­cer­tainty con­cern­ing re­la­tion­ships can be­come bet­ter un­der­stood. This may mean that a fam­ily mem­ber needs more con­trol over his or her own life and you could be more en­cour­ag­ing. Mat­ters of free­dom are dis­cus­sions for this evening: free­dom of an in­di­vid­ual and the re­spon­si­bil­ity it en­tails. Pos­i­tive re­sults are pos­si­ble when it comes to dis­cus­sions with just the facts. You make a pos­i­tive dif­fer­ence in many peo­ple’s lives.


Your rep­u­ta­tion can grow due to your ex­per­tise and knowl­edge. Think about ex­pand­ing your hori­zons and open­ing up to pos­si­bil­i­ties that you have never con­sid­ered be­fore. Your tim­ing may not be right when it comes to ex­press­ing your­self; med­i­tate. Health and work goals take on greater im­por­tance for you now. It may be bet­ter to hold off, if at all pos­si­ble, on de­ci­sions con­cern­ing ca­reer or prac­ti­cal ad­vice to oth­ers. You may find this a ben­e­fi­cial time for work­ing, re­search, mu­sic, cre­ative writ­ing or low-key com­mu­ni­ca­tion with those around you–es­pe­cially with the very young. Light­hearted en­ter­tain­ment can be ap­pre­ci­ated this evening. Per­haps you are sur­rounded by oth­ers whose ideals are sim­i­lar to your own.


This may be a chal­leng­ing day. You can, how­ever, use your skills to solve prob­lems. Sort­ing things out and get­ting things and peo­ple or­ga­nized keep you busy most of this morn­ing. There is a lot of men­tal en­ergy churn­ing around all day and it may be hard to put it to work–per­haps list mak­ing will help. Cir­cum­stances may prove dif­fi­cult re­gard­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tion, writ­ing, ideas, etc. Things can get tight and you may find it hard to think or study dur­ing this time. Walk away from the work at hand by tak­ing your breaks–move, climb stairs, view the sky, etc. You are suc­cess­ful in be­com­ing more prac­ti­cal and con­sci­en­tious. You tend to per­sonal mat­ters later to­day and may in­volve your­self in a lit­tle re­search to be help­ful for a fam­ily mem­ber.


There could be a few chal­lenges to­day as cir­cum­stances may block you or bring you to a stand­still. It may be easy to work at crosspur­poses to your own in­ter­ests. This is a good time to step back and reeval­u­ate your goals. Tak­ing care of the nec­es­sary un­der­pin­nings of life–health, work and such–is im­por­tant. Sort­ing things out and get­ting them or­ga­nized keeps you busy. This af­ter­noon you may find your­self in­vited to join a com­pet­i­tive group. This could be in per­form­ing for oth­ers or in some sports ac­tiv­ity. The per­form­ing would be easy and since high school you have wanted to act in a play or to take a class. As far as the sports, you are good at what­ever you set your mind to achieve. Give this op­por­tu­nity some pos­i­tive thought.

LEO 23 JUL - 22 AUG

Be­ing in touch with ideas and peo­ple on a large scale is some­thing you en­joy div­ing into to­day. You may fig­ure out res­o­lu­tions to op­pos­ing views and you will cer­tainly en­cour­age bet­ter re­la­tions be­tween peo­ple. You may have some real in­sight into world peace as well. Keep a log of your ideas and send them to your state rep­re­sen­ta­tive–re­ally! There is a greater than usual in­ter­est in so­cial con­nec­tions now. A cy­cle of ro­mance and fam­ily is present to­day, em­pha­siz­ing a need for se­cu­rity and a sense of roots. You take a survey among fam­ily mem­bers and friends to dis­cover who might be avail­able for the big turkey day next month. There is also an in­ter­est in broad­en­ing your in­tel­lec­tual and spir­i­tual hori­zons. Fur­ther ed­u­ca­tion may be pos­si­ble.


This is an ex­cel­lent time to con­cen­trate on project plan­ning, ed­u­ca­tion, pub­lish­ing or the im­port-ex­port business. Oth­ers may seek your ex­per­tise. Start to plan some sort of va­ca­tion dur­ing the hol­i­days. You en­joy snow sports and might con­sider this time of year, your time. Some­times the plan­ning is just as much fun as the va­ca­tion it­self. A feel­ing of be­ing at peace and sta­ble on the emo­tional level comes to your at­ten­tion and you tend to be­come more re­laxed when you know that a va­ca­tion time is get­ting close. This may only mean that you will take a few ski trips over the long week­ends this win­ter. You are moved to ap­pre­ci­ate and dis­cover new and ad­mirable things about some­one you love–per­haps a par­ent, per­haps a long-time friend.

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