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Strolling along Tower Road in Sliema, I no­ticed a blue plaque on the front wall of an of­fice, bear­ing the let­ters “AUM”. No de­scrip­tion, just the ini­tials AUM. Clean­ers were at work, so I peeked in through the door and saw rows of desks and chairs, just like a class­room.

Out of cu­rios­ity, I googled “AUM”, the way one does, and found “AUM Shin­rikyo”, a Ja­panese dooms­day cult, which seemed un­likely. Then “AUM Mantra med­i­tat­ing mu­sic”, equally un­likely. The next Google rev­e­la­tion was “AUM – As­sets Un­der Man­age­ment in Panama”, and I gulped, but then I saw the “AUM – Auburn Uni­ver­sity at Mont­gomery,” so yes, it was a class­room, but surely not Auburn. Then a bell rang clear: “AUM” – of course! I had stum­bled on an em­bryo cam­pus of the long-awaited AUM, the Amer­i­can Uni­ver­sity of Malta.

Sliema – the per­fect place to open a lan­guage school: start small, one of a mul­ti­tude of such schools, keep a low pro­file, and grad­u­ally ac­cu­mu­late gov­ern­ment ac­cred­i­ta­tion and prop­erty. Then, once you have taken over the rest of Malta, ODZs and all, and are big, bold and ac­cepted, then you put all your As­sets un­der Man­age­ment in Panama.

Martin Spil­lane

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