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A project in the work­place seems to be pro­ceed­ing at a pos­i­tive pace. If there are any prob­lems with the process of this project, you are able to cor­rect things quickly. A com­pli­cated task is far eas­ier to man­age when you ap­proach it calmly and pos­i­tively. You are will­ing to take on chal­lenges, no mat­ter what the risks. You can be a lit­tle im­pa­tient. You will pros­per through new in­sights, in­ven­tions and an in­de­pen­dent point of view. Dar­ing to im­ple­ment new ap­proaches or tech­niques may be the se­cret to your suc­cess at this time. Your friends are in a fes­tive mood this evening and you may find the in­ter­ac­tion with them quite en­joy­able–take pic­tures. You have a great deal of en­thu­si­asm this evening–this may be your fa­vorite time of year.


You have a lot of en­ergy to pour into prac­ti­cal and ca­reer de­ci­sions to­day. Care­ful–you may ap­pear com­mand­ing and as­sertive. In sum­mary, from this time for­ward, ex­pect a more con­fi­dent, out­go­ing at­ti­tude, for you have brought to close some in­ward ex­am­i­na­tion. A grow­ing sense of di­rec­tion and self­worth will find you reach­ing out and es­tab­lish­ing your­self. You can be very com­mu­nica­tive, flex­i­ble, men­tal and other-ori­ented. Per­haps you can be all things to all peo­ple, giv­ing them what they re­quire. Oth­ers will find you a smooth talker with a quick wit and ready tongue. You may have found a way to make a bit of ex­tra money this fall. This may in­clude ways to aid in the safety of young peo­ple’s fall ac­tiv­i­ties. Set a timer for tonight’s bak­ing agenda.


When ob­tain­ing a loan, be care­ful to ask for just what you need and not nec­es­sar­ily what you want–you will be granted the loan–but ask for a long enough grace pe­riod to re­cover be­fore hav­ing to be­gin the pay­back. You could be seen by oth­ers as just the per­son to be put in charge of some project re­quir­ing a con­ser­va­tive mind. Blocks and all man­ner of hot spots may be dis­cov­ered and have to be worked through. You will, how­ever, work through th­ese blocks quickly; your at­ti­tude is to keep things sim­ple and to keep mov­ing for­ward. Noth­ing seems to slow you down to­day. In­ter­ac­tion with au­thor­ity fig­ures may be in the fore­cast. Work­ing with–rather than against–the flow should be easy to do. Plan the next so­cial af­fair on your turf.


Pro­fes­sional ad­vice may work in your best in­ter­est to­day. This could sim­ply be the ad­just­ment of chairs in a meet­ing room or the lay­out of an in­tri­cate dis­play. A re­lent­less get­ting down to es­sen­tials makes your sense of man­age­ment and prac­ti­cal vi­sion very use­ful. You have a sense of mass psy­chol­ogy: how to or­ga­nize and ma­nip­u­late sen­si­tive ar­eas of the pub­lic mind. Work and ca­reer may be­come a pri­mary fo­cus at this time. There are op­por­tu­ni­ties to make good de­ci­sions. You are at your most prac­ti­cal–what hap­pens now may have a last­ing ef­fect on your pro­fes­sional di­rec­tion–and it is all good. Don’t be afraid to project that im­age–make those dreams real. Things are hap­pen­ing and your ca­reer is on an up­swing. You and your co-work­ers cel­e­brate.

– PISCES 19 FEB 20 MAR Take your time with a com­pli­cated sit­u­a­tion in the work­place now–you will be glad you did. Any short­cuts you might be tempted to take may not help at this time. You may find more than just thanks for your ef­forts by the af­ter­noon. This is in­deed a great time to work with oth­ers. Ob­tain­ing and ex­chang­ing in­for­ma­tion takes on more emo­tional sig­nif­i­cance. You value per­sonal con­tact with your neigh­bors or friends, cut­ting through all the ex­ter­nals and get­ting to the heart of things. You may be think­ing about the tri­als and tribu­la­tions of par­ent­ing this evening. If you have no chil­dren, you may be think­ing about how you would fare as a par­ent in the fu­ture. There could be many op­por­tu­ni­ties to laugh with the young this evening.

– ARIES 21 MAR 19 APR This is a mean­ing­ful day that you can use to your ad­van­tage. A day that is not too stress­ful–time for ac­com­plish­ing tasks or set­ting things up to work in your fa­vor. This is a great time to be with oth­ers and to work to­gether. You may be sought after as the per­son for a par­tic­u­lar job. You are so­cial by na­ture and may find your­self guid­ing or in­tro­duc­ing new co-work­ers to the gang in the of­fice to­day. Feel­ing suc­cess­ful is the first step to­ward be­ing suc­cess­ful–and you feel suc­cess­ful. Peo­ple like be­ing around you be­cause you have such a good at­ti­tude. A friend may bring your at­ten­tion to some needed changes around your neigh­bor­hood and you vol­un­teer to help. You may en­joy help­ing with some fall dec­o­ra­tions.

– TAU­RUS 20 APR 20 MAY Ex­pect the best and you will re­ceive the best. This day may have a slow start but your at­ti­tude will bring things around to what you want to ac­com­plish. Be pre­pared–this could be a stress­ful day–it is cer­tainly a busy day. The pos­i­tive re­sults will de­pend on your ac­tions. Sup­port and recog­ni­tion from the pub­lic, from fam­ily and from friends will be hap­pen­ing soon. You feel at home in the world–and it takes care of you. You could have deep in­sights into your own feel­ings and in­ner, spir­i­tual na­ture. En­joy the sea­son! At home you might de­cide to dec­o­rate with splashes of color and the fun tra­di­tions of the sea­son. You may be at­tend­ing a so­cial af­fair this evening. You may, in fact, find your­self all dressed up in the best cos­tume of the party.

– GEM­INI 21 MAY 21 JUN You may be very force­ful in what you say and think. With all of this emo­tional en­ergy, you could speak or com­mu­ni­cate very well. Ev­ery­thing con­spires to value and to bring out your unique and un­usual qual­i­ties. This is a very ide­al­is­tic time when it comes to busi­ness con­cerns. You have imag­i­na­tion when it comes to re­duc­ing any ex­ces­sive over­head–get­ting down to ba­sics. This evening you could be en­ter­tain­ing. Your cre­ative side is show­ing. You may have lots of fun dec­o­rat­ing and pre­par­ing lit­tle spe­cial­ties–there will be lots of good smells com­ing from the kitchen. Ev­ery­thing con­spires to re­veal you at your most el­e­gant, par­tic­u­larly in so­cial sit­u­a­tions. You may in­sert a the­atri­cal or vaude­ville style to your hand­i­work–your guests en­joy your ef­forts.


This just may be your lucky day as mis­un­der­stand­ings be­come un­der­stood, puz­zles be­come solved and ques­tions be­come an­swered. There are new op­por­tu­ni­ties to in­crease your pay or what­ever else you may need. There is an in­creased con­fi­dence and a more out­go­ing man­ner in your life just now. You are very imag­i­na­tive when it comes to other peo­ple and re­la­tion­ships of all kinds. You have a sense of the ideal, al­most like an oth­er­worldly feel­ing that you bring to your part­ner­ships, so­cial or pri­vate. You have an in­ter­est in real union– mar­riage or yoga–and may find your­self look­ing for a mate or im­prov­ing a re­la­tion­ship. A splash of decor at your front door presents an in­trigu­ing in­vi­ta­tion and wel­comes all the lit­tle neigh­bors to your good graces.

– LEO 23 JUL 22 AUG You will pros­per by pur­su­ing your ideas of how life could be. Don’t be afraid to project your think­ing–make those dreams real. Ideas of group co­op­er­a­tion and com­mu­nion could fur­ther your ca­reer. You could bring imag­i­na­tion and reli­gious un­der­stand­ing to phys­i­cal and sci­en­tific stud­ies. Com­mu­ni­ca­tions, com­put­ers and the whole elec­tronic revo­lu­tion are per­fect ca­reer choices for you. You en­joy lis­ten­ing to some of the old ra­dio shows and may cre­ate quite a fol­low­ing as you talk up your hobby dur­ing your break time to­day. Un­usual ways of ap­pre­ci­at­ing and lov­ing may also be pos­si­ble now. You may dis­cover some­thing new about love or you may adopt a dif­fer­ent and un­con­ven­tional value sys­tem, tem­po­rar­ily. En­joy the sea­sonal changes.

– VIRGO 23 AUG 22 SEP Chal­leng­ing au­thor­ity and rock­ing the boat will likely play a big­ger role in your life to­day. The new broom sweeps clean; old pat­terns of or­ga­ni­za­tion and power are ripe for an in­no­va­tive ap­proach. Rad­i­cal and in­ven­tive ideas hold the key to re­al­iz­ing your am­bi­tions and ad­vanc­ing your stand­ing–a shakeup is in the works but this time it is your turn to speak, so to speak. Real power is al­ways hid­den–find­ing it means delv­ing into hid­den places, and that’s where you are bound to look now. The forbidden, the taboo ar­eas, the great mys­ter­ies that no one speaks about in po­lite com­pany seem to hold the an­swers and you seem com­pelled to deal with them now. You get plenty of com­pli­ments tonight on a cre­ative sea­sonal cen­ter­piece for the din­ner ta­ble.

– LIBRA 23 SEP 22 OCT This is a per­fect time to be as­sertive and to move for­ward in your ca­reer de­ci­sions. You have all the en­ergy you could want and it should be easy to chan­nel it. You may find your­self lec­tur­ing, teach­ing or at­tend­ing a class on or­ga­niz­ing your goals. Per­haps this is the best time for pro­duc­tive, se­ri­ous think­ing–get­ting down to the im­por­tant thoughts. Stud­ies of all kinds are in or­der, per­haps some night classes. Events make it easy for you to find new so­lu­tions to old prob­lems. You may find your­self able to put your ideas into prac­tice. Your ca­reer di­rec­tion gets some en­cour­age­ment at this time. You have some great ideas for dec­o­rat­ing your liv­ing area this fall. You also have great ideas for the kids, for in­stance, the old bob­bing-for-ap­ples game.

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